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Chain Tension/Rubbing Issue


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Chain Tension/Rubbing Issue

I was riding my fixed gear the other day when the front wheel slid out on a right turn and the bike and I went down on our right side. The rest of the ride home I felt what I believe was the chain slipping on either the cog or the chain-ring every so often.

I assumed the slam to the pavement loosened the rear wheel, giving the chain too much slack and causing the slipping on either the cog or chain-ring. I pulled the wheel, degreased/lubed the chain and popped it back on, ensuring the chain had sufficient tension. I took a ride to make sure everything was okay, though I could hear the chain rubbing at one point during each rotation of the wheel.

Upon closer inspection I noticed that there was normal chain tension at one part of the rotation and very tight tension at another point, which was when the rubbing was occurring. It was like the cog or chain-ring was oval shaped.

I donít think this is a chain problem, as I have not had any issues with the chain before. Can you provide any ideas as to what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Is your rim still true? It may have gotten a little bent on account of the crash. But on second thought, the hub should still be okay as long as it's in the dropouts even. Unless your spokes are loose.
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most likely... i think.. is that your chainring was thrown out of wack. sheldon has an article on this and offers a step by step on how to fix it. however, i tried it last night and it was kinda hard to do without any prior experience.

basically you loosen all the stack bolts to finger tight then turn the crank til the chain is taut. then, tap the chain with the back of a screwdriver or something making the chainring move slightly. then you keep doing it til it is best you can get it. then, tighten the bolts like you would lug nuts on a car. re-test it.
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