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baxtefer 12-13-04 06:57 PM

ooooh, I've got a 67. no dents either.
though that's due to the fact that the dents rusted and are now giant holes.

October 12-13-04 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by baxtefer
ooooh, I've got a 67. no dents either.
though that's due to the fact that the dents rusted and are now giant holes.

:D Sounds like my Blazer. The guy at the gas station offered to buy it one night, but I came in the next time during the day and he changed his mind. sigh.

icithecat 12-13-04 07:46 PM

No. This thing is rust and dent free with matching engine and frame serial numbers. It lives a shallow existance in my garage, while my walwos endure the elements. Someday I will have the necesessary cash. Original everything. Dash has no cracks. In the summer when the door is open, I have periodic doorbell ringing offers.

marked001 12-14-04 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by Paul And Pista
And what stem is that? I'm in the market, and for some reason, I can't find much I like. Nice bike, too!

..that's a Ritchey stem..that's about all I came with the frame ;)

marked001 12-14-04 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by chrisgraham81
What kind of bars are those and where did you get them. Ive been lookin for a set of TT bars that i like and not havin any luck at all. Thats a pretty killer bike you got there.

thanks man :) they're Profile bars..not sure of the model... ebay find... my bro in law got some Syntace bullhorns with a nice drop.. check them out..

SamHouston 12-14-04 03:11 PM

Faster than Yours!

Shiznaz 12-14-04 04:36 PM

Hmmm... I wonder why there is a 'STINKY' can in the bottle cage, and why the bottle cage bosses are so high up the seat tube...

emayex 12-14-04 05:18 PM

yeah...the height of the bottle seems inefficient... other than that it looks fine

HereNT 12-14-04 05:34 PM

As long as the terrain you are riding on is perfect 90 degree triangles...

baxtefer 12-14-04 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by HereNT
As long as the terrain you are riding on is perfect 90 degree triangles...

Actually you'd be looking for a street full of inverted catenaries.

2manybikes 12-14-04 06:11 PM

Isn't that a bike for going up stairs? It's even on the right size stairs in the picture!

TheDL 12-14-04 06:12 PM

I wouldn't ride that w/o being clipped in

2manybikes 12-14-04 06:21 PM

Wouldn't that work better with the old Shimano Squareo Chaing rings?

emayex 12-14-04 06:41 PM


kennethalan 12-14-04 11:19 PM


Originally Posted by emayex

So I saw this guy on some discovery/tlc type show a while back. He was raving about the efficiancy of the bike. He would talk about how easy it was to pedal and how smooth it was. Then you would see him do it and he was not having an easy go at it. Then he would drop subtly the fact that you had to have those rounded bumps everywhere you rode it or it wouldn't work. Hmmm, sign me up. The next segway right here folks.

icithecat 12-15-04 12:25 AM

Hey. Those wheels look like a couple of mine that need truing.

ink1373 12-15-04 02:23 AM

He's Headed For A Cliff!

bostontrevor 12-15-04 08:48 AM

And all that for a ride that is geometrically equivalent to riding a round wheel on a flat surface. Hmmm.. :)

emayex 12-15-04 09:08 AM

more like he is heading toward a wall. he not going to fall, he is going to stop moving

Shiznaz 12-15-04 11:07 AM

Science with lack of problems to solve, will create them.

jasonsan 12-15-04 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by emayex

And is that a calculator watch he's wearin'?

iamjberube 12-15-04 06:22 PM

i know it's been said before, but fugazidave, that is one KILLER ride.

dustinlikewhat 12-15-04 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by emayex

just like every engineer I've ever known, take the simplest thing and make it stupid and impracticle. maybe he'll come up with a solid chain that has no links and is permanently in the shape to fit the front gear and cog as to avoid chain breaks.

rykoala 12-15-04 10:48 PM

Will you guys stop posting pictures of that stupid square wheeled abomination? Its painful to look at. Lets see some more fixies and single speeds!

[EDIT: I need my fix! I'm a fixie and SS junkie, and I don't even own a fixie (yet)]

dustinlikewhat 12-15-04 10:53 PM

never, everyone needs to know how dumb that is.

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