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johnprolly 12-13-07 10:58 AM

Cinelli Vigorelli and Kanye West
So, my sources have told me that not only did Kanye West roll through Trackstar yesterday, but he is getting a "blinged" out Vigorelli and the guys from DQM taught him how to skid.

He's coming to Peel Sessions next week to learn how to barspin...

crushkilldstroy 12-13-07 10:59 AM

It's been covered. We've moved on to Rowan Atkinson now.

baxtefer 12-13-07 10:59 AM


peabodypride 12-13-07 10:59 AM

Maybe he and I will be homies now.

bonechilling 12-13-07 10:59 AM

johnprolly 12-13-07 11:01 AM

I know it's been covered in a comment. Just wanted to make sure everyone would be aware of the impending doom.

bonechilling 12-13-07 11:06 AM

Alright then. I can't wait until someone gets a photo of this.

monsterkidz 12-13-07 11:08 AM

Don't worry, I'm sure it will be in his next video. (lucky us)

johnprolly 12-13-07 11:16 AM

johnprolly 12-13-07 11:17 AM

I can't believe he's already got one foot suicide skids down! In TIMBS!

eXCeSS 12-13-07 11:18 AM


(not enough penguins mr prolly)

marqueemoon 12-13-07 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by johnprolly (Post 5801338)

This is destined for greatness.

He looks a little like Juvi in this picture.

br995 12-13-07 11:24 AM

Whatever happened to Juvi? I heard he got mugged for his fly whips and dope chain and is currently in an intensive recuperation program in South Beach.

bonechilling 12-13-07 11:25 AM

I think that Juvi just hates us.

ryand 12-13-07 11:26 AM


Originally Posted by johnprolly (Post 5801338)

this is amazing.

thank you.

so, so much.

johnprolly 12-13-07 11:28 AM

I'll make a better one and post it on his Myspace... don't you worry.

visitordesign 12-13-07 11:30 AM

john prolly, you're a cutiepie.

br995 12-13-07 11:32 AM

will he do all his own fixie tricks in his next sweet vid i hope so

johnprolly 12-13-07 11:34 AM

He's coming to Peel Sessions. We're going to show him how to do a bunch of ****.

Kanye West 12-13-07 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by johnprolly (Post 5801479)
He's coming to Peel Sessions. We're going to show him how to do a bunch of ****.

Im excited.

crushkilldstroy 12-13-07 11:37 AM

Oh Goddamnit. I was going to make that fake profile.

delicious 12-13-07 11:39 AM

this is wonderful news

johnprolly 12-13-07 11:40 AM

Hey Kanye, next time, remember to roll your drivetrain-side jean leg up. And your Envisu jeans will bleed on your White Leather Brooks. Did you get that White Swallow last night?

johnprolly 12-13-07 11:42 AM

"George Bush does not like track bike people"

bonechilling 12-13-07 11:44 AM

If any of this is actually true, I'll eat my Gatorskins.

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