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BesidesDaniel 02-27-08 10:41 AM

Question about freewheel / cog set up
I am trying to put a 20 tooth freewheel (or cog?) on my old Araya. is this hub set up for a freewheel or a cog & spacer?
sorry the image is so big.
the gear ratio will be 52 X 20, is this going to kill me on the many hills here in Atlanta?
thanks for any help.



thequickfix 02-27-08 10:54 AM

That hub is designed to be used with a freewheel. Many people put a cog and BB lockring on freewheel hubs to run fixed, but safety of doing so is a contentious issue (search "suicide hub").

Also, assuming that wheel is 27", that gear ratio would be about 70 gear inches, which is about right for hilly terrain.

BesidesDaniel 02-27-08 10:59 AM

thanks alot!
are there different threads on freewheels? is it one size fits all?

I'll be putting it on an old sunshine hub circa 79. would it be standard thread?

would this one work?

thanks & I'll remember you in the afterlife!

Peedtm 02-27-08 11:17 AM

Mostly one standard. Some French bikes had a smaller diameter attachment, and others had a "Helicomatic" proprietary spiral spline thing.

It will be obvious if the freewheel attaches or not

See for more info

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