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erikinop 06-12-08 07:09 PM

Syracuse, NY USA
Track/fixed riders in syracuse, where are you?

June 27th critical mass meet at everson art museum downtown.

email me if you would like to ride. here is the bike:


peabodypride 06-12-08 07:12 PM


bling bling, money ain't a thang.

babychris 06-12-08 07:21 PM

haha, syracuse! lets go skate eve and hangout at hardpact!

erikinop 06-12-08 07:39 PM

what the hell is hardpact? i see the forums haven't gotten any better...

"bling bling"? the friggin frameset is a piece of ****. the geometry was ****ed up when i bought it dirt cheap off of chucks. the seat tube is cracked and cannot be welded unless i can find a machinist that can weld at two bizarre wavelengths at the same time and compensate for the magnesium in the alloy. the aerospoke i got practically for free for a magazine review. that was 2 years ago and it's still true. heavy and slow at the start and flops like hell with TT bars when the syracuse wind hits hard, but it is still true. as for the rest of the stuff, it's all your average ****.

i am not interested in having a coolness competition, i am just interested in meeting fixed riders in syracuse. i have been here for 6 yrs, im 24, i might leave this fall, and i have been riding fixed for 3yrs. i am a smoker, so it's not like i'm even that fast.

peapody doesn't want to ride because he/she has more posts about his/her earing acessories than they do about bicycles.

erikinop 06-12-08 07:42 PM

bby chris, are you in auburn or philly? you posted in response to an earlier syracuse thread i put up, maybe a year ago. i have a friend that lives in auburn. rather, his parents live there, he does not.

babychris 06-12-08 07:47 PM

I grew up there. I moved to philly like 3 years ago.

babychris 06-12-08 07:50 PM

hardpact was the skateshop in the bottom of the state tower building like 6ish(probalbly longer) years ago. it was awesome.

Ol' Dirt Dave 06-12-08 08:23 PM

i havent skated everson in a few years it was always a good time and then drinks at Taps.

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