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bigbris1 07-02-08 06:28 PM

I Love My Windsor Hour!
I picked up a Windsor "The Hour" from BD recently & after riding it a few weeks I have to say I really love it!

I got the matte grey in 61cm & was concerned I'd get a foot long head tube-not the case, the geo is nice with no pedal overlap & a tight rear-tire-to-seat-tube setup. I am 6'4" 265lbs & the bike is very sturdy. I was hoping to get the threadless headset, stem & fork, but the Chianaur threaded headset is fine.

The quill stem is nice in that you don't have to thread the bars thru them, the front clamp comes off with 2 hex bolts which came in handy today when I added Soma 456 44cm track drops & black Soma Thick & Zesty tape (from, like $27) which is a HUGE improvement over those generic anatomical bars the bike comes with, especially visually.

I love the all black components, especially the Formula hubs. All in all I have to say that this bike is a tremendous value for the money. AND, the fork is NOT ugly IMO. The plastic toe clips may be upgraded in the future but the pedals are good. The Kenda tires will definitely be upgraded when time comes but for now they do the job.

Fantastic bike for $299 shipped (plus $37 for Soma bars & tape). Pics to come.

iansmash 07-02-08 06:41 PM

Your BB will probably go soon if you ride anything like I do (like a complete jackass)

Less than 4 weeks in and my BB is creaking and groaning like a haunted house

bigbris1 07-02-08 06:59 PM

So that's what that is? :)

Moshiiii 07-02-08 07:18 PM

My friend got a Windosr The Hour for his first bike and I really like the simplicity of it.

silsteve 07-02-08 08:18 PM

I bought a Windsor The Hour as well about 3 weeks ago and have been riding it every day. I like it too and i think its a good entry bike into fixed gear. All i changed was the saddle so far and tried out some bullhorns, but i didn't like them. Eventually i'll uprade components, or maybe i just may build another bike. ;-)

patrickgh 07-02-08 08:24 PM

I can't wait til my wheels/brake get here so I can get back on mine :)

iansmash 07-02-08 08:40 PM

I changed up a bunch of stuff

new wheels/hubs/tires

all of the things I changed, I felt were basically garbage (IN MY OPINION)

BB is next as well as saddle...(saddle just because I ripped mine ****ing around)

Also maybe shorter cranks b/c I feel like shorter might be better (165mm)

misterE0 07-02-08 11:31 PM

i got a 64cm The Hour in grey a couple weeks ago. So far I've put on a front brake, bullhorns with a tt brake, a WTB Speed V saddle I had sitting around, and some PowerGrips pedals for my giant feet. I have an 80mm stem on the way too. I hated the drop bars that came with it, but overall, it's a great bike for the money. It's just going to be my townie/errand bike.

onespeed89 07-02-08 11:38 PM

all of you should have popped the extra $50 and bought a Kilo, MUCH better bike

patrickgh 07-02-08 11:50 PM

Originally Posted by onespeed89 (Post 6991845)
all of you should have popped the extra $50 and bought a Kilo, MUCH better bike

I'd still be waiting for my size to be available :/

slotmachine 07-03-08 06:15 AM

oh mange, do I ever love mine
I have a matte gray 52cm. Got it two years ago. I have a bunch of new parts for but some of the original stuff still on the bike is:

seatpost, bottom bracket, chainring, back wheel, stem, headset and fork. Its pretty stiff and handles great
Really happy and Ive rode a lot of other peoples, fujis, rush hours, masi's and merciers and still dig mine.

iansmash 07-03-08 09:47 AM

Whoa, you still have the stock BB after 2 years? Does it click and **** or what?

ZiP0082 07-03-08 09:59 AM

iansmash: thanks for a good signature quote.

WhiteSSP 07-03-08 08:40 PM

I got a 58cm in White a few weeks ago, and I love it. So far the only issue's I've had have been the cog wasnt really tight ont he rear so it loosened when I tried to stop really hard. That and the lock rings on the hub came loose and the hub was moving back and forth a few CM, but once I tightened those up everything has been great, and I'm a big dude and I ride it pretty hard.

onespeed89 07-03-08 08:57 PM

anyone know what kind of BB is on the hour? Is it really really bad? I am thinking about getting an Hour as a beater bike/until i get an IRO, but don't want it to be a POS.

iansmash 07-03-08 09:17 PM

well I mean...The hour is an awesome frame IMO

no toe overlap, fairly lax geometry, but decent...AWESOME commuter bike if you ask me.

The BB isn't awful. Honestly mine isn't THAT bad...It was really loud before but I put some lube in there and it seems better now.

I just swapped to a 17T cog and it is alot of fun to ride

onespeed89 07-03-08 09:19 PM

anyone know the brand of the BB?

iansmash 07-03-08 09:22 PM

I feel like it's an unbranded chinese made product similar to the hubs it comes with as well. ( LBS tech was appalled by the hubs on the stock wheels when I got my V's)

Ghaurok 07-03-08 09:46 PM

I love my windsor too, though I actually never ridden mine stock (rode my friends though, which felt pretty good from what I recall). Went with a threadless carbon fork for mine off the bat:
(Wheels are an older set I had lying around, I think alexrims + formula or equivilant hubs, thicker axles than the ones that came with the windsor though.)

Though not finished with it yet (will powder coat bronze, and some new pedals, handlebars etc). Used mainly for commuting or just going around in town in general.

onespeed89 07-03-08 09:47 PM

BD's websited says the hubs on the hour are trackspec formulas...?

Ghaurok 07-03-08 09:52 PM

The lockring does say Formula on it, if that is of any help.

onespeed89 07-03-08 09:55 PM

so does anyone know if the hubs are Formula or not? as well as how the wheels in general are. Also does the new Hour come with a threadless headset/stem?

WhiteSSP 07-03-08 10:13 PM

Mine came with a threadless stem.

silsteve 07-03-08 10:24 PM

Mine has a threaded stem

patrickgh 07-03-08 10:31 PM

Originally Posted by onespeed89 (Post 6997740)
so does anyone know if the hubs are Formula or not? as well as how the wheels in general are. Also does the new Hour come with a threadless headset/stem?

I took my wheel to a shop, and one of the guys there said it was a Formula hub, just not a very good one.

Also, my windsor came with a threadless headset/stem

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