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roastbeef 07-21-08 11:11 PM

Machined Rim Alternatives.
I'm building up my first FG but i'm running into problems when it comes to wheels. Basically, I hate the way machined rims throw off the bike's aesthetic, but I want to not die and run a brake. Is there anyway to compromise? Or, is it possible to run a brake through a non-machined rim?

Thanks for the help.

ndnyc212 07-21-08 11:25 PM

get silver rims.

schnee 07-21-08 11:51 PM

Mavic ceramic rims look almost black, but you need to run special brake pads.

matt wisconsin 07-21-08 11:54 PM

learn to ride w/o brakes.

sneaky viking 07-22-08 07:27 AM

disc brake!

robsilverii 07-22-08 09:00 AM

just run a pair of brakes on a nonmachined rim. they will machine themselves.

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