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Adam G. 08-24-08 05:14 PM

Anyone use toshi single straps?
I know double is the way to go, but I don't really skid much or do tricks.

Rob1900 08-24-08 05:40 PM

I used single Toshis for a while....yea

trons 08-24-08 06:09 PM

regular ass non 75 dollar leather straps would probably be a better choice

sp00ki 08-24-08 06:17 PM

they're invincible. i rocked them for awhile, put them on a different bike for a few, now my girl rocks them. they start to look like snufalufagus after awhile, but they'll outlast your kicks (over and over and over...)

iansmash 08-24-08 06:54 PM

I heard that after 2-3 times getting wet they're this true?

deathhare 08-24-08 07:15 PM

Ive been running these straps for a long time. Theyre the best straps ive ever had and I have no plans of ever changing to another brand.
I rarely ride in the rain so I cant say much about the wet issues.
In the dry at least....they last a very long time and dont slip in skids.

str8flexed 08-24-08 08:07 PM

i have 'em and they are solid and hold up crazy well. i can't justify springing for doubles, although next time I probably will because i'm becoming a spendthrift and buy whatever i want.

kcorwin 08-25-08 02:16 PM

You'll save money in the long-run if you wear through toe straps quickly. I bought a few sets of new straps after realizing it'd make sense to buy a good pair just once and be done with it.

Plus there's the extra insurance and piece of mind. If a toe strap fails, it'll be at the worst possible time: when you're putting lots of stress on it - skidding or just pulling up really hard accelerating or climbing. And you can imagine how much that will suck. I've never had one fail on me personally, but not something I'm willing to risk.

Long story short: if you ride brake-less or have a habit of pulling up on them hard while pedaling - you know, what they were designed for ;) - they're worth it.

jdms mvp 08-25-08 02:19 PM

toshi white singles :)

i liked them alot, but i sold them because i wanted to use my kashimax (after selling my nagasaw :()

paramount 08-25-08 03:24 PM

I use Toshi singles on one bike and they are great. Zero slippage in skids. I haven't tried the doubles but I have a hard time imaging they are really much better.
(I don't know about how they hold up in the rain, I don't ride that bike in the rain.)

jdms mvp 08-25-08 04:08 PM

i've gotten them wet (after trying to clean them) and they are still fine.

deathhare 08-25-08 08:32 PM

If getting them wet kills them its no fault of theirs. Theyre made from leather and anything leather that gets wet is often compromised in some way afterwards. Usually dries out some, ya know.

str8flexed 08-25-08 08:34 PM

i've gotten mine wet (rode through 2 feet of water for a couple hundred feet) and they're fine now. heck, i've even ridden a couple miles on my soaking wet brooks saddle and though it felt slightly stretched its back to normal now.

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