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whoosh! 10-23-08 09:29 AM

where'd the rob roy go?
Anybody know? I emailed Tony but got nothing. I hope I didn't miss the bus on picking one of these up...

trelhak 10-23-08 09:30 AM

That model was put on hiatus. It was never really a huge seller compared to the others and was more expensive to produce.

It's been put on the back burner to give the Model 19 Singlespeed 29'er a chance to shine.

whoosh! 10-23-08 09:39 AM

bummer. man, iro is funny. the only two models i've ever been interested in were the highlander and the rob roy. looks like i'm more of a surly kind of guy.

trelhak 10-23-08 09:46 AM

It's a shame, really, about the Rob Roy, because it did serve a niche. Granted, it was a small niche, SS Cyclocrossers and/or SS Tourers.

Surly doesn't really have anything like it, unfortunately.

whoosh! 10-23-08 09:57 AM

hmmm. head's up if anyone's interested, has rob roy completes.

Seggybop 10-23-08 10:13 AM

He gave away all the Rob Roys for $7.
But that probably means some people now have one more Rob Roy frame than they actually need, so you might be able to get an almost new one cheaply depending on your size.

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