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wtfnoob 11-30-08 11:32 PM

phil wood low flange hubs
Anyone have pictures with bikes with ANY (or phil wood) silver low flange hubs? Curious as to what they look like on complete bikes.

gkelley 12-01-08 12:12 AM

Live2die has some

Live2Die 12-01-08 02:13 AM

I'll post some tomorrow. they look great and ride even better!

wtfnoob 12-01-08 02:45 PM

Thanks =)

operator 12-01-08 05:42 PM

planyourfate 12-01-08 06:27 PM

Originally Posted by operator (Post 7946417)

I'm in love.:love:

murdaki11 12-01-08 07:50 PM

damn super clean

luckasaaron 12-01-08 07:57 PM

Would you mind popping another pic of the bars?? Or just the bike at a different angle? I have the same and am haven't mounted them (or built the bike but thats another issue) And am curious as to how they set up?


onetwentyeight 12-01-08 09:36 PM

wtfnoob 12-02-08 01:14 AM

perfect, this is the picture that I was looking for. I was debating if I should go with the lowflange phil woods or highflange miche hubs - both a good deal (obviously phils more expensive)

Joetheshmo 12-02-08 01:57 AM

lulz at putting your bike on everyone elses^^
ps those hubs are hawtttt

Live2Die 12-12-08 01:09 PM

Took me a while to get pictures sorry,434.jpg,434.jpg,434.jpg

wtfnoob 12-12-08 07:15 PM

sweet ride

mr_macgee 12-12-08 09:18 PM

Originally Posted by onetwentyeight (Post 7947770)

Nice ride but even better is the background. My favorite town; Amsterdam.

I bet the Bourbon Street bar is going off right now as we speak. A couple of hot-dog's and a bike ride over to my new future ex-girlfriends house to finish it off.


kingcounty07 12-12-08 09:30 PM


Amsterdam is a crazy city, i visited there back in 2000, they sure love their bikes out there in Europe. That photo above is not an unusual sight, hundreds of bikes locked up everywhere, i can't even imagine how many there are now?

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