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iamthenoise 12-08-08 12:07 PM

rame....or japanese sparkle paint
anyone ever get sparkle paint done here in the US? apparently its just metal flake mixed in at various steps to give the sparkle some depth. could a powdercoater do it? im not talking about pearl.

winner sparkle and metal stars...the pic makes it look like a little kid's test after a teacher grades it, but in person i can almost guarantee its gorgeous.

veganwar 12-08-08 01:02 PM

Check out the pink bike built by SquareBuilt at

I've seen it in person and it is a very intense sparkle. I need to contact the builder about a fixing a bent fork and repainting my frame with a similar sparkle paint like it original was.

chase. 12-08-08 03:35 PM

a decent auto paint shop will be able to do flake, pearl, and/or candy as a multistage shoot. not sure about powder, though.

bboysubhuman 12-09-08 04:30 PM

Before I looked up the term 'rame', I thought you were calling the sparkle paint lame in a Japanese accent--rame.

d-req 12-09-08 05:13 PM

^haha word me too, i was going to say, nah, spockoo paint ees note rame!

jdms mvp 12-09-08 05:27 PM

do a pearl paint job + sparkles = game over.

or just chameleon that bish

gotmyusernamechanged 12-21-08 05:32 PM

spraypaint, throw some glitter on it before it dries, clearcoat. I'll post pics

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