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NotSoProjectPat 12-10-08 02:27 AM

i want disc brakes on my langster
i know all the brakeless-fixed riders on here are thrilled about this idea... anyhow i've seen it on cyclocross bikes (bianchi rodgers... drooooooool) and it seems pretty badass to me. i'm lookin at a jamis MTB on CL for $120 that i might just buy to steal the hubs off of so they will have the disc tabs..
any thoughts??

edit: i'm a loser i just realized i would have to weld tabs to the frame/fork for the calipers and the fork is carbon, and i'm not wasting the time to put one disc brake on the back... NEVERMIIIIIIIIND

jhaber 12-10-08 02:32 AM

You might already know this but you will need a fork compatible with disc brakes to have one up front and the tabs on the frame in the back for the back wheel. If you have a fork that will take the disc brakes and disc compatible hubs/wheels that fit it then it sounds awesome. Post some pics when it's done.

Hobartlemagne 12-10-08 05:35 AM

It can most easily be done with a fork replacement.

gestalt assault 12-10-08 06:26 AM

replace the fork with a dirt jumping fork like the DMR Trailblade or a Charge Nozzle fork...

FKMTB07 12-10-08 07:33 AM

That and I don't know any 120mm spaced disc hubs for the rear, and respacing aluminum = fail.

Sell Langster.

Buy disc-compatible fixed/single speed cross bike.

ZiP0082 12-10-08 09:25 AM

free thread!

itsIRIEpat 12-10-08 10:20 AM

Doesn't Bianchi make a 1x1 CX bike with disc brakes?

jdms mvp 12-10-08 10:23 AM

Originally Posted by itsIRIEpat (Post 7997333)
Doesn't Bianchi make a 1x1 CX bike with disc brakes?

why is this relevant?

itsIRIEpat 12-10-08 10:34 AM

Originally Posted by jdms mvp (Post 7997352)
why is this relevant?

Well becase if you could swing getting a fork from that Bianchi CX bike, I know it has a front disc brake. That is if the fork would fit your frame!

MIN 12-10-08 11:40 AM

Any disc fork will be longer than the stock axle to crown length of the Langster and will result in slacker frame geometry. For instance, my Poprad Disc is 400mm vs the typical 368mm axle to crown length of a track bike.

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