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thehum 12-30-11 04:01 PM

I started this thread over at bostonfixed, which has taken a life of its own. here's my latest:

the bird is a reference to:

LarDasse74 01-03-12 04:06 PM

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Years ago:

A few years before that:

xavier853 01-03-12 07:34 PM


Originally Posted by LarDasse74 (Post 13671931)

Happened to me too!

spivonious 08-13-12 02:17 PM

This thread is way too entertaining to not have a post in it for seven months. Bump!

aidandj 08-13-12 05:19 PM

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Mine the other day

jdgesus 08-13-12 05:24 PM

i see you ride bullhorns

aidandj 08-13-12 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by jdgesus (Post 14601952)
i see you ride bullhorns

Tis true

jdgesus 08-13-12 05:32 PM

chalk it up to your excellent ms paint skills!

aidandj 08-13-12 05:39 PM

I even got the aero down tube right

hamfoh 08-13-12 09:50 PM


Originally Posted by chowmeen (Post 11851431)

lol'd so hard at those first panels

jlafitte 11-24-12 07:55 PM

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10 or 11 pm Thanksgiving night...

This thread must not die!

Bat56 11-24-12 08:48 PM

Thank you.

xavier853 11-25-12 10:43 PM

Whenever I see sqrl's in distress, i unclip both sides just so I don't look like a fool.

remdude 03-28-13 11:54 AM

2 years late, but i laughed my ass off at this!

hairnet 03-28-13 07:28 PM

so much disappoint :(

PatrickGSR94 05-15-13 01:39 PM

Aw man hate to see that this died out, because I seriously went through every page. Sad to see that half the pics don't work anymore.

SeanBlader 05-15-13 09:24 PM

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Worse part is the impact bent the frame on my steel 10 speed Schwinn. It was the last time I'd be on a road bike for 20 years.

robble 05-15-13 09:46 PM

This thread has provided me with more than 30 minutes of amusement. If only my mspaint skillz were as leet as you folks I'd have one to share.

Muffin Man 05-15-13 10:50 PM

Done with a laptop trackpad. Adds to the challenge.

jdgesus 05-16-13 04:32 AM

lol where is you tho?! bike rides itself?!

Muffin Man 05-16-13 08:22 AM

Waaaaay too hard to draw haha.

PatrickGSR94 05-16-13 09:58 AM

In Soviet Russia, bike rides you! :p

jlafitte 05-16-13 09:42 PM


Originally Posted by PatrickGSR94 (Post 15632149)
In Soviet Russia, bike rides you! :p


seanile 05-16-13 11:43 PM


PatrickGSR94 05-17-13 07:42 AM

ah what'd I miss?

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