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aMull 02-27-09 10:22 PM


Originally Posted by DryBlaze (Post 8437606)


DryBlaze 02-27-09 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by skloot (Post 8438564)
That really needs to be your avatar

Done. :roflmao2:

Ill Mitch 02-28-09 12:26 AM


Originally Posted by Plecks (Post 8438639)

I really like the attention to detail here, like how the two end stars of the Big Dipper line up with the North Star.

Lou627 02-28-09 01:04 AM

Last week, walked away

best thread ever. sounded gay as hell. im sure this is my first of many

Lou627 02-28-09 01:36 AM

Touring in afganistan
Allah Akbar

just a reminder to always watch for IEDs
my motto anyway

wasted 45 minutes doing these two

drunk loser

oneangrytoast 03-01-09 09:29 AM


Originally Posted by Lou627 (Post 8442155)
Touring in afganistan
Allah Akbar

just a reminder to always watch for IEDs
my motto anyway

wasted 45 minutes doing these two

drunk loser

ok, ill bite. wtf were u thinking? touring in a warzone?

great pics, btw. i love how small the figures are, kinda reminds me of old video games.

BaronDapcher 03-02-09 10:16 AM

adriano 03-02-09 04:55 PM

some of these are weak.

skloot 03-10-09 03:28 PM

Anyone got more? This died too early.
Not that we would want to offend adriano's delicate sensibilities any futher.

fuzz2050 03-10-09 04:33 PM

awc380 03-10-09 04:47 PM


aMull 03-10-09 05:32 PM

Haha a ****ing cinder block, must have been messy.

illenvillain 03-10-09 05:45 PM

that almost makes me wanna put a light on my bike

Falcon3 03-10-09 09:07 PM

Awesome trackstand
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Johnny Nemo 03-10-09 10:06 PM

Syscrush 03-10-09 10:27 PM

I still love this thread. :)

jsavett 03-10-09 10:33 PM

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I agree...this is a very fun idea! Here's mine...Not incredibly death defying, but kinda cool.

passerby 03-10-09 10:54 PM

this thread should be nominated for "thread of the year award" :D

i wish i had ms paint skills like some of you guys!

vegipowrd 03-10-09 11:51 PM

This was one of the first dates I went on when my wife and I started going out. It was definitely the first time we went biking.
Not one of my finest moments.

MASHeug 03-11-09 12:30 AM

Lou627 03-11-09 12:30 AM

Its Back!

fuggers 03-11-09 02:41 AM

It's back and keeping me up tonight. By geared out I mean already at my lowest gear ;) It was a steep hill! The worst part was unwedging myself from under the parked car.

carkmouch 03-11-09 05:31 AM

I swear to FSM this happened, though it was so long ago. I was about 6 and my lil brother about 5. We rode our bikes up and down the sidewalk in front of our house on our block when we were that age. One time we were coming opposite directions, and neither of us were paying much attention when both of our front tires hit square on. I ended up being pole vaulted over my little brother to land on the sidewalk and I remember my bike landing in front of me a second later. Surprisingly I was not hurt or scraped up by the incident, neither was my brother.

misha misha 03-11-09 09:22 AM

its -30C out snow and ice on the roads, im trying to get to work and this assh*le tried to hit me.... He was upset that it was my turn to go in a 4 way stop.

dudezor 03-11-09 09:44 AM
I got hit by a car that didn't give way at an intersection recently. It sucked. At least I'm an artistic genius though.

edit:neither me or the bike were hurt TOO badly, but it did suck.

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