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bryyando 05-07-09 05:58 PM

yea I know its kinda old but I thought it was an interesting read

brendon_ak 05-07-09 06:07 PM

wow, interesting

a better idea would be to keep the normal TDF and run a seperate fixie tdf

clink83 05-07-09 06:32 PM

This is further proof that hipsters ruin everything! What kind of person would want to ruin the signature professional road bike race?

dervish 05-07-09 06:33 PM

^that would be something i would watch. i couldnt imagine having the tour de france as only fixed, maybe it would discourage some of the riders from showing up

zvh_MT 05-07-09 06:35 PM


eMXiMeR 05-07-09 06:39 PM

I don't want to call you guys a bunch of DUMBASSES.......

but maybe you should check the date of the blog post

Sikbug 05-07-09 06:44 PM

Originally Posted by emximer (Post 8877276)
i don't want to call you guys a bunch of dumbasses.......

But maybe you should check the date of the blog post


AnOxymoron 05-07-09 06:46 PM


PluperfectArson 05-07-09 07:09 PM

The people who believed this did not see the hyperlink at the bottom, did they?

clink83 05-07-09 07:21 PM

Consider me pwned!

Thetank 05-07-09 08:06 PM

Dumb@sses! :d

bryyando 05-07-09 09:01 PM

told you guys it was old ;)

Johnny Nemo 05-07-09 10:20 PM

Hipsters eh? Not the smartest kids around. :rolleyes:

dervish 05-07-09 10:25 PM

ive been duped! i thought it was a little suspicious...

brandonspeck 05-07-09 11:06 PM

Link on the bottom gave it away. :P

PunctualAlex 05-08-09 12:52 AM

Originally Posted by eMXiMeR (Post 8877276)
I don't want to call you guys a bunch of DUMBASSES.......

but maybe you should check the date of the blog post

How did this not come up before post 6? I think the idea of a Pro-level alleycat was too amazing for some people to resist...

edit: also, that bit about the tour being fixed because Henri Desgranges was a hardass? Before you go telling people that, it's not true- they just hadn't invented deraillers yet. The quick-release skewer wasn't even invented until 1937, I think.

JacoKierkegaard 05-08-09 08:48 AM

Ah damn, you got me. I was just about to say something indignant, and then I read the thread.

devilshaircut 05-08-09 08:50 AM

I'd heard about this before I read it, so no fool here. :( Would have been a good one though.

sp00ki 05-08-09 10:13 AM

someone with the sort of money necessary to purchase the tour would just start their own race regardless.

the article is pure bs.

MattDC 05-08-09 10:38 AM

SSFG never disappoints.

Dave Moulton 05-08-09 12:40 PM

Sorry Guys, I'm glad you are all taking it in the spirit in which it was written. I thought for a moment you guys were going out to lynch a hipster. :lol:

AnOxymoron 05-08-09 12:43 PM

Hmm, I still might do that.

Dave Moulton 05-08-09 12:54 PM

The bogus Tour de France article got 407 hits today. It was a WTF moment, so I checked to see where they were all coming from. I guess I should thank bryyando

devilshaircut 05-08-09 12:58 PM

Wow, that's a hot of hits.

SpaceFace 05-08-09 01:23 PM

hot of hits indeed.
funny read either way.

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