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La Dolce Vita 06-03-09 10:48 PM

25mm track bars?
hey all, i have a 25mm stem i really want to use. the trick is finding bars that will fit. do any brands still make track bars in this size? or should i just keep looking for used ones on ebay?
thanks, tobin

eric716 06-04-09 06:01 AM

Soma makes 25.4 track bars. Might be able to get em in. It's only .4mm after all...

stewardmike03 06-04-09 06:19 AM

Almost all Nitto bars are 25.4 as well. MTB standard used to be 25.4. There are a LOT of bars in 25.4! There are essentially two options...spread the head out and use 25.4 stuff or have a machine shop remove a tiny bit of metal from the clamping area of the stem. .4mm can be done BY HAND with emery cloth, sandpaper or a file.

La Dolce Vita 06-04-09 08:35 AM

ok cool, thanks for the quick responses!
i'll go ahead and use a 25.4 then.

bigbris1 06-04-09 08:59 AM

I did this as well. Just grease the bars lightly & use a screwdriver to gently pry the stem open to slide them in to minimize scratching.

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