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Obi Juan 08-05-09 02:04 PM

Slipping, help!
so im running a 3/32 chainring, with an 1/8 chain, and ive read alot on these forums that no ones had problems, but i think this is why i may be slipping? what happens is, when im at the height of my rotation my pedals slip, i think its missing the chain, because even though my bike is a fixed gear, its not rotating the wheel and just having me painfully slip onto my bar. does anyone know what the problem may be, or would it be because of the chain/chainring.

ianjk 08-05-09 02:05 PM

Bad news, your hub is stripped.

Obi Juan 08-05-09 03:10 PM

is this really the problem? i would hate to spend money on a new hub right now. :(

ianjk 08-05-09 03:21 PM

That is what it sounds like, if the cog keeps slipping forward, it def. is stripped.

Mattpatt 08-05-09 04:16 PM

Well it may not be stripped just yet, all you have to do is tighten your lockring. Or just flip your wheel if it's fixed on both sides and just move the cog and lockring over.

LupinIII 08-05-09 05:31 PM

mash the pedals up a hill to tighten the cog. bring your lockring spanner and tighten it at the top (lockring tightens by spinning left). dont skid or pedal back at the top as you want the cog tight.

make sure all the threads are greased too

Obi Juan 08-08-09 12:27 PM

it was a loose lockring, everything is fine now. thanks again

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