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ddeadserious 03-01-12 10:18 PM

I have a 31.6 diameter, 330mm or 367mm long, black Thomson Elite seat post I'd like to trade for the same seat post but 250mm(or whatever the shorter model is).

hamfoh 03-01-12 10:57 PM

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ddeadserious 03-01-12 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by hamfoh (Post 13921076)

That's my backup option. On the shorter post though, the logo is closer to the top, and since I don't have a whole lot of seat post showing, I'd like the whole logo exposed and to not have a bunch of extra seat post that I don't really need. First world problems, I know.

2bok 03-05-12 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by redpear (Post 13843611)
Have: 1 inch threaded Wound Up fork

Want: 1 inch threadless Wound Up :)

My friend might be interested. How much of steerer tube is left?

conbon 03-15-12 07:17 PM

Have a 46t, want to trade for a 48-51t (zen, shimano, blackspire, fsa, 44rn)


hamfoh 03-19-12 12:21 AM

veloflex master 22 clinchers (black/tan) <65 miles
49T FSA Pro Track chainring
leader riser bars (25.4)
selle san marco rolls (great condition)
brand new chrome wallet (rook)
thomson elite x4 - 100mm - 25.4
brand new logitech g110
brooks leather toe straps, lightly used, honey
sr sakae 978 track bars
Profile BDC Threadless Carbon Fork
phil wood track cogs - 17t (no miles, but mounted) - 19t (used)
Sugino 75 Silver Track Cranks - 165mm
phil wood lockring
Icon Graphite Series 25.4 Stem

Panaracer-Pasela-Tires x2 (black/tan) or similar
56-58cm road bike
celeste straps

conbon 03-19-12 12:55 PM

Hamfoh, what'll it take to get that fsa ring? You know you want a njs Zen ring... :D


hamfoh 03-19-12 01:42 PM


hamfoh 03-19-12 04:30 PM

add "selle san marco Zoncolan - Racing saddle" to my 'want'

yummygooey 04-01-12 09:11 PM

- 40cm Deda Pista, aluminum, black, wrapped in black bar tape, like new
- Original Selle Italia Flite Ti, used but plenty of life left

- black Fizik Antares
- black Fizik Arione CX (not looking for regular road or tri models)
- black Specialized 143 Toupe or Romin

Sherblock 04-01-12 09:23 PM

argh! Is that an original 1990 flite, or the recent repro? Want so badly.

yummygooey 04-02-12 07:38 AM

I think it's the 1990. It's old. Some pics of it here:

ddeadserious 04-02-12 07:55 AM

yummy, selling that Deda Zero-01 stem? If so, what is the length?

throwawayington 04-05-12 09:52 AM

hey guys!
I have:
sparkly green Soma Ensho saddle:
green Brooks saddle with about 75miles on it and a scratch on one corner

I want:
bicycle things?

Nagrom_ 04-05-12 10:27 AM

Anyone want to trade a black set of Sugino RD-2's for a silver set? Mine are takeoffs.


Sherblock 04-05-12 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by yummygooey (Post 14046989)
I think it's the 1990. It's old. Some pics of it here:

All my want. I don't think you like track bars though, and I don't know what you want.

I have nitto b123aa's, a selle san marco regal, and a timbuk2 bag. Basically nothing. Maybe I could buy it...?

motobeCarnage 04-06-12 12:28 PM

Considering trading my 2011 kilo for a road bike. I still love this bike but I've really been wanting another road bike recently and I can't afford both right now. I love 70s and 80s bikes.. lugged steel.. ill consider anything though if anyone is interested. It's a 55cm so I'm looking for something in the 56-58cm range. I might be willing to throw in some money.

two 28c thickslicks in great shape
front and rear brakes
profile design risers and oury grips included
new 1/8" kmc chain
17t scrod cog and shimano mx30 (also 17t I'm pretty sure..)
matching fork with no crown race included

hamfoh 04-09-12 06:13 AM


Brand New:
(still in retail packaging unless otherwise noted)
Sugino 75 Bottom Bracket - (box hasn't even been open)
Chrome Cycling Wallet - Rook - Brand New/Never Used - $20
Logitech G110 - Brand New (in box)
Shimano 105 5700 (FRONT) Super SLR Brake Caliper Black, never opened

19T Used Phil Wood Track Cog 1/8
Phil Wood Lock Ring
172.5 sram omniums w/gxp bb- very lightly used
Veloflex Master 22 Clinchers
SR Sakae 978 Track Bars/Drops
Sugino Zen 144BCD 1/8 46T Chainring
Profile BDC Threadless FULL Carbon Fork
Leader Silver (Riser) Handlebars - 25.4 -
Icon Graphite 25.4 /1-1/8 Stem
Thomson 100mm X4 Stem - silver
Thomson 70mm X2 Stem - black

56-58cm road bike - preferably steel
selle san marco Zoncolan - Racing saddle
celeste pedal straps
100mm 31.8 silver stem
Nitto B123-AA SSB
mash 100mm stem
pink bar tape

hamfoh 04-09-12 07:14 AM

also have an affinity crankset that's pretty new. I don't care if I keep those or the omniums, I just have 1 too many.

also have a set of wabi wheels and sun m13 wheels. again, I don't care which one I get rid of, just looking to get rid of one of them. would have to be a pretty nice trade for me to want to ship an effing wheelset though :p

hamfoh 04-11-12 12:34 PM

also have now+

Miche Supertype seatpost 27.2 - black

I've had this for a while, but the threads on the 'safety system' were stripped. I ordered a new one, so the clamp area is brand new, no rail markings or anything. two scratches on the back of the post

ddeadserious 04-11-12 12:44 PM

  • Dura Ace Cog. 15T. Used for about 2 months, a couple times per week. Less than 500 miles on it.
  • Pheasant Brand Freewheel. 16T. Never installed or used.
  • Silver KMC 410 1/8" chain. Came on an SE Draft Lite, rode around the parking lot and swapped it out.
  • 42T Chainring. Chrome. Draft Lite takeoff, rode once.
  • Tektro RL721 brake lever for 31.8mm OD bars. New.
  • Compact drop bars with 31.8mm clamp
  • Fizik Microtex in black(not the soft touch)
  • Comfy black hoods
  • Thomson Elite in Black, 80mm, 31.8mm clamp
  • 18T 1/8" Cog

yummygooey 04-17-12 08:05 AM


1. Deda Zero 1 stem, 70mm, 31.8 clamp, black - only used for about 70 miles, looks pretty much new except for a few marks from mounting pics

2. Deda Pista aluminum track bar, 40cm, black bar tape - like new


1. 11-28 or 12-28 SRAM PG-1050 or 1070

2. Specialized Romin

Obvi not gonna be straight trades, but let me know what you have!

Sherblock 04-18-12 04:18 PM

yummy do you still have that flite?

yummygooey 04-18-12 09:42 PM

Yea, still holding on to it though.

nightfly 04-19-12 09:06 AM

Black Thomson X4 zero degree 80mm stem (like new, about week old)

Black Thomson X4 zero degree 70mm stem (similar condition)

PM me if interested

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