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scrub 10-12-09 11:49 PM

I have a set of Toshi doubles I'm not using and I'd like a set of clipless MTB shoes in a 42.5-43 (US9-9.5)

billyg 10-14-09 12:43 PM

Long shot but I thought I should still try.

Have: White non-machined front wheel from my Swobo Sanchez.
Want: White front machined wheel (Would prefer one from a Sanchez but will consider anything)

usherenko 10-16-09 01:33 AM

Have: Set of Shimano Dura Ace low flange 32H track hubs, the rear hub is fixed/fixed.
they are $265 new. Good condition, really smooth.

Want: a full wheelset, preferable black, let me know what you have.

i was going to build up a really nice wheelset with the Dura Ace hubs, but decided i don't want a wheelset that nice, I'm in NYC don't want it to get stolen.

kzac 10-17-09 09:51 PM

New, never used Toshi Doubles
Phil Wood front Hub, 36H (damaged axle)

Phil Wood hubs, 32H
Track fork

RideBikes4Xist 10-19-09 07:17 PM

Need 18t freewheel English Thread Done!
In desperate need of a 25.8mm seat post

Have 16t freewheel English Thread brand new (geared too high for the hills of central ky)
26.0mm seat post (brand new)
Also other stuff...PM me please

kneeeerow 10-20-09 11:04 AM

HAVE: brand new velocity deep v to miche hubs. 14g spokes. black nipples. front radial rear 3x.

want:long shot but mack hubs or ps3? pm me if interested. heres more pics

ShaneRidesBikes 10-20-09 11:40 PM

Have: White Origin 8 Risers, brand new, never mounted

Want: Make me an offer.

spaceballs 10-22-09 08:40 PM

2 x stock IRO seatposts, 27.2mm by 30cm or so [one new, one not]
2 x Stock IRO saddle [one new, one not]
18-tooth Dicta freewheel
19-tooth Surly Cog 3/32"
Pair MKS Sylvan track pedals, ridden about 100 miles

Thomson x2, 110mm, 0* rise
17-tooth cog in 3/32" [prefer EAI, but whatever]

Gyeswho 10-22-09 10:29 PM

Have 56 Cannondale Capo

The frame was fallen on before at the Velodrome by the previous owner, but their body took the force of the fall since they were swept from behind and the frame only got a scratch on the TT. The scratch is slightyly noticeable, but there are no dents on the frame. I bought a new Cannondale OEM from City Bikes because the previous fork was full carbon fiber and I didn't want to ride full carbon on the street. Current fork was not crashed (neither was the original one that was replaced by the full carbon fork), but it has small scratches on it from leaning it against something. Includes HS, top cap, adhesive cable guides (which can be removed), and seatpost collar. I'll leave the tape on in case you may want the frame to be inconspicuous as well. Fork has 7cm of steer tube left above HS.

xxguitarist 10-25-09 04:33 PM

Have: Road stuff:derailleur, front wheel, brakes/levers/bars, squishy seat, some fixed stuff: top tube pad, cross levers, cogs, track grips, etc. Also have longboard skate gear, guitar (strat copy), and electric R/C helicopter & JR radio.

Want: Rear wheel, track drops, quality dual pivot front brake, pedals

Let me know if you have anything I wanted or if you want anything that I have, we can probably work something out.

brandonspeck 10-25-09 09:14 PM

Some black 40cm drop bars, not track bars just some comfy road bars, a pair of hood levers, 44t 130bcd chainring

48t 3/32 130bcd chainring, salsa moto-ace risers with black oury's, Nitto RB-021's (wrapped in black deda tape), forte cross lever, slightly used Blue Maxxis Detonator 700x23 tire.

Located in PDX

marcelinyc 10-27-09 07:28 AM

170mm Sugino 75 144bcd cranks, square taper.
175mm ......... 144bcd cranks, square taper.

Hirohsima 10-27-09 12:51 PM

-Profile T2-Wing (Aluminum version) 42cm width, good shape, some scuffs on the logos that don't go all the way to the metal.
-Dura Ace 7402 single-pivot brakes with barrel adjusters (but missing the plastic doo-hickey things), come with DA pads with TONs of material left
-Dura Ace 7401 Aero Brake levers. Minor scuffing on one side (can't remember which). No return spring on 7401's. Return spring came on the 7402 forward.
-Cheap carbon Langster fork (the one with the skulls) Comparible to a Specialized C2 fork (carbon legs, aluminum crown and steerer). 1 1/8: and tons of steertube (enough for a 56 with a short stack of spacers)
-Terry Fly Saddles (I have 2, one totally broken in, the other in a still-firm state). Both have Ti rails and both are comfy to my behind.
-11-34 LX MTB cassette (no integrated aluminum spider, just steel gears all the way to the freehub).
-Pedalsoft integrated areobar-stem setup. Super light, retailed for $379 when new. I have 3 sets,... only need 2. Extensions and armrests come on and off in <60 seconds so you can change up your setup quickly.
-Ritchey BioMax 42cm road bar. New take-off.
-NIB Miche Track 115 x 70 (Italian) BB
-LX MTB RapidFire shifters

-MTB LX/XT Freehub (just the black clicky freehub cassette carrier, I don't need the hub)
-SRAM TT Carbon levers (not the red aluminum ones), not interested in CC, TRP, or Tektro TT levers
-Shimano MTB clipless pedals (Ritchey Comp's, XT/LX pedals are ok). I don't want SPD compatibles (like Crank Bros) Since I have 3 bikes that I use it on and only want to use one cleat system.
-25.4 Carbon Handlebar (uncut,... I intend on using it for actual MTB riding) Eason Monkeylite or the like.
-PM if you don't see anything on my want list. I have a ton of wants, but you don't have years to read. Just listed my top needs right now.

c.miller64 10-27-09 04:42 PM

Have: Ultegra 6600 crank 53-39T 175mm crank arms. Approx 1,500 miles, light scuff on ring side crank arm (no BB)

Want: Clip-on Aerobars (Airstryke type with spring loaded rests preferred)

Crank is taken

queerpunk 10-28-09 08:17 AM

*syntace bullhorns with TT lever and black cork tape
*Campagnolo Veloce 9 speed rear derailleur, very good condition, new jockey wheels
*40cm black, deep drop ergo road bars
*FSA OS stem, 110mm, carbon faceplate
*Specialized OS stem, 110mm
*17t track cogs - Surly, EAI
*FSA 27.2 seatpost (full carbon, not carbon wrapped)
*generic 48t 144bcd 1/8" chainring
*49t FSA 1/8" 144bcd ring
*KMC 1/8" chain
*Look delta-interface pedals
*black origin 8 track grips

*traditional bend road bars - Nitto, Cinelli, or similar
*100mm Ritchey or similar adjustable stem
*18t track cog - Surly or EAI
*quality alu 27.2 seatpost
*100-110mm 17deg 1 1/8, 26.0 stem

doomridesout 11-02-09 12:12 AM

I have:
A 1985 Bianchi Classica silver lilac powdercoat road frame, recently rebuilt sealed bottom bracket, Sakae FX cranks, Origin8 48t chainring, Mavic CXP22 wheels with flipflop Formula hubs 17t surly cog, old headset and stem which were on the bike. Planet bike fenders and Shimano mountain SPD pedals. This would be a fun frame to build geared.
I want: A faster bike or one with track forks. Surprise me with generous offers.

rtruectoc 11-03-09 11:41 PM

have: black 2009 Mavic aksium road wheels. shimano 500 miles. removed stickers from rims
want: nice newish flip flop wheel set

luno-pdx 11-05-09 10:40 PM

have: stock trek pilot 1.2

completely stock. nearly mint condition.. very minor, small lock-up scratches. shimano SPDs are the only thing non-stock on it. 54cm.

want: a track bike.

VA_Esquire 11-07-09 07:56 AM

- Felt track bars (from a TK3)
- Eastern BMX Stem (22.2)
- Felt risers- cut (standard)
- 15T cog

looking for a 700 or 650 front Spinergy wheel
chrome/seagull/etc messenger bag

silsteve 11-08-09 09:59 PM

Cinelli quill stem; 26.0mm clamp diameter, 70mm long. old school "Cinelli Milano" logo on top of the stem

Any condition (as long as it works, is safe and complete of course) negative rise quill stem of equal quality 25.4-26.0mm clamp diameter and 90-110mm long. Something like the Nitto Jag but if there are other brands out there that would be fine too.

AModernDrunkard 11-09-09 10:18 AM

Have: Miche Advanced Trackring 46T 144BCD Never Used
Sugino Messenger Ring 42T Used for about 1 month 130BCD Black
Stock Drop Bars of a Kilo TT Never Used
Charge Track Drop Bars Used for 1 month, Have a slight mustache look to them, really shallow
Procraft Stem 1 1/8x31.8 White, 110mm, 7 deg Slightly Used

Want: Nice pedals, preferably with clips and straps.
44-46T chainring 130BCD
Other stuff i can upgrade on my bike

bmcginn 11-09-09 11:29 PM

Nitto rb021 pursuit bars wrapped with bontrager
nitto flat bars cut down to 15''
thomson 90mm stem 26.0 or 25.4 clamp
gold sugino zen messenger 46t 170 crankset
specialized propero and medium(white)

comparable cranks in assorted colors
quill stem for road bike. prefer 90mm or shorter...looking for dura ace

pm me

ilikebikes 11-11-09 10:49 PM

Have: This 58cm Raleigh, as found, needs rear procket, tubes, and a good cleaning, top, bottom, and seat tubes are aluminum.

Want: Vintage FG frame, lugged, 51cm

Jamtastic 11-12-09 07:32 PM

Posted this in forsale section posting here as well.

Want to trade my Bianchi Pista

frame:57cm Bianchi Pista
Wheels: Phil Wood single sided fixed to mavic open pros
tires: Gatorskin rear, vittoro rubino pro front
seat: Miche primato pista supertype seatpost, Selle Turbo saddle
Cranks/BB: Miche primato pista advanced track crank 49t chainring
Campy Chorus BB and Headset
Replaced origional fork with BikeworksNYC straight blade fork
Stem: Nitto Pearl Nitto flat handlebars
Removed all the decals, could probably use new clearcoat in some spots but i like the way it looks.
has small ding in top tube. From movers. Just serviced in monterey and said it doesnt effect the bike. wheels trued and everything tip top.

Want to trade for a road bike. 57-59cm. Doesnt need to be equal value just let me know what you have. Prefer something with STI shifters. Would consider downtube if its a pretty nice bike. Let me know if you have any questions. Post here or email me at Jamtastic at gmail . com

Mongoose441 11-14-09 08:13 AM

Dura Ace 15T 3/32 Brand new never has seen a chain. Looking to trade for a an 18T 3/32 any brand with lockring used is cool

I am in Boston but shipping is cool

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