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Dannihilator 08-22-09 08:55 PM

Anyone Wanna Trade V2.0 No Cash offers or "For Sale"
We're going to start fresh.

The rules for this if you want to keep this going is.
  1. No cash offers
  2. No for Sale stuff, hidden or otherwise in this trade thread.
  3. No offers of "Pictures of Presidents", no offers of cash, no offers of forbiddens, etc. They are hints towards cash and henceforth will not be allowed. We are not kidding, so do not test us.

With that being said, if a for sale ad or offer for cash is mentioned it will not result in the closing of the thread, unless it gets out of hand. If it gets out of hand, it will be closed for one to two weeks. Otherwise the person that mentions for sale, or offers cash in this thread will get his post deleted and will be issued an infraction. No warnings, it is straight to infractions.

If you see one of the rules being broken in this thread report the post and one of the mods will address it.

Also once the trade is complete, edit your post to reflect that.

toosense 08-23-09 10:38 PM

have-NIB easton ec90 aero full carbon fork 1" steerer uncut

sugino 75,DA, or miche cranks
things that fit a kilo

AModernDrunkard 08-24-09 03:14 AM

Miche Advanced Chainring 144BCD 46 tooth
Charge Track bars
80-90mm Stem 1-1/8" with 26mm clamp is preffered, oversized is ok, i have shims

cord13 08-24-09 05:00 AM

15 or 17 tooth cog

pm me

nikita_r 08-24-09 08:16 AM

2008 Bianchi San Jose with red Swobo wheels. Size is 58cm
1990 Trek 420 with Shimano Dura-Ace 7700 (2x9spd) groupset and Cannondale wheelset (Mavic CXP22). Size is 56cm

Soma Rush
Surly Steamroller
other track/ss steel frame/bike in 56-58cm size interval.
Can do frame or bike swap.

PM me for details

beatifik 08-24-09 12:25 PM


Brooks Pro from the 70s. The sides have been trimmed as has been done traditionally, but otherwise is like new condition...BLACK leather w/black rails. Allen bolt @ the nose, not like the new saddles.


Different saddle to replace this one. Let me know what you have. I don't have any particular ones in mind right now and am open to offers.

oneangrytoast 08-24-09 12:52 PM

have: black with white perforated tape syntace stratos bullhorn/pursuit/tt bars with 2cm drop (200 model) and various other random stuff.

want: the same thing, but with deeper drop, prefer the 400 over the 800, though.

image of all three in comparison:

please PM.

LupinIII 08-24-09 10:29 PM

have: Thomson 27.2 x 250 setback seatpost, Black. The logos are rubbed off so it has a "ghost" look. Don't have any pics now, I'll post some on thursday when I get back home.

want: PM's, lets see what's out there.

Aries 08-25-09 11:50 AM

Have: Weinmann DP18 front wheel NMSW, black rim/spokes/hub
Want: Weinmann DP18 Front Wheel MSW, black rims/spokes/hub

OneMoreGear 08-25-09 11:53 AM

Have: 165mm Sugino 75s in excellent condition (no ring or bolts)
Want: Cinelli Crit bars without grooves, Nitto Pearl 10 (25.4), other stuff (try me)

billyg 08-25-09 01:44 PM

Want: White deep section machined front wheel
Have: pm me.

oneangrytoast 08-25-09 02:35 PM

have SID Blue velocity deep v 36h black spokes laced to black IRO (formula) hub. like new no scratches. well maintained and not beaten up.

want: shortish stem with something around a 17 degree rise and a 25.4 clamp among other things.

xxguitarist 08-25-09 02:42 PM

Top tube pad, Red
Road drops & brake levers
Suntour derailleurs
Cross brake levers
Single pivot brakes
Track grips
And some skateboard stuff, short/trick as well as longboard.

Track drops & threaded stem to match diameter
Threaded fork w/ brake drilling
Thin specialized BG seat
24 H rear fix/track hub- especially need this. I'll consider a plain-colored (silver, black, etc) rear wheel too, though I'd prefer to build up the rim that I have.
New/unused tires, 700x23 preferred.

PM and I'll see what else I have around, too.

dayvan cowboy 08-25-09 05:39 PM

MKS gr9s
MKS XL toe clips
Campy veloce road crank(double) without chainrings, never mounted so brand new
1990 Campy Athena front derailluer
100mm stem that comes stock on the IROs
Selle San Marco Rolls Saddle, black leather.

Selle San Marco Regal, preferably white.
17 tooth cog, 3/32
80mm threadless stem
Sidi Dominator size 48
28 h rear hub, preferably fixed/fixed

psirue 08-26-09 05:10 PM

want: paul e-lever

Darwin401k 08-26-09 07:22 PM

DURA-ACE 144BCD 46t 1/8" NJS ring

27.2 44mm silver post

Mongoose441 08-27-09 10:34 PM

Soma drops (iro oem) with hoods and levers Black bar tape and 1 inch quill stem(orgin8)
Soma El-toro bars Wrapped with Fizik silver tape with a crane creek TT lever with cable
Brand new powerstaps

Need 130BD Chainring 48T and 18T cog (prefer 1/8) but 3/32 would work

supras2kracer 08-28-09 02:36 PM

want: single speed cassette

have: 15t cog and lockring

pm me

le'ehov 08-28-09 02:59 PM

Want: Mini metro chrome bag
have: Chrome medium bag

xdrmusclex 08-30-09 08:30 AM

HAVE: Easton EA50 110mm stem with os clamp

WANT: similar stem, but 90mm

I am in brooklyn

goldfa09 08-30-09 11:01 PM

front red velocity b43 laced to red origin 8 hubs... used once for about an hour and a half (with a front brake)


silver machined velocity deep v

please email me at

viper_04649 08-31-09 09:41 AM

Soma Major Taylors
Selle San Marco Rolls - textured Black leather
Campa Record 2-rail seatpost 27.2 (top screws)

Nice Seatpost 27.2 (something like the Campa record but have adjuster bolts on underside)
Selle Italia Flite
Nitto Jaguar/NJS stem (preferably steel) 110 length
Nitto Alu track drops

For a foul weather bike
(looking for your old stuff, rather not be fancy):
Saddle non leather, won't worry about in rain/snow
130bcd 1/8 chain ring

PM for pictures or details.

adriano 08-31-09 03:36 PM

i love that road cycling gets away with cash offers.

jacobpriest 08-31-09 05:14 PM

1969 Schwinn Paramount. lots of patina, rides like a dream. drilled both sides for brakes, knock off campy headset, suntour superbe bb. two small dings in the bottom of the toptube, not really visable and wont effect the ride of this classic machine.

something else

oneangrytoast 09-01-09 10:21 AM

size? there is an admin named cudak something. hes a local guy by me always looking to restore bikes. if the price is right hell prob take interest in it.

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