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LionsHeart 12-05-09 05:32 PM

Aerospoke to replace deep v?
Well, ive untrued my front velocity deep v flying off curbs during deliveries. Are the aerospokes wheels strong enough aka stronger than my dheep v. I got a B43 for the rear but I perfer a front brake in case of emergencies due to all of the stupid drivers around my little city so a B43 front is out of the question for me. I refuse to take a brake to one. :thumb: sooooo aerospoke? I just dont want to start truing a deepv and get it even weaker....

filtersweep 12-05-09 05:36 PM

You are confusing a few issues here--- sounds like your wheel wasn't properly built if it won't stay true. Secondly, truing it won't make it weaker. Thirdly, aerospokes cannot be trued-- and you might want to take a close look at how "true" it actually is before buying one. Many are built with a noticeable wobble.

elTwitcho 12-05-09 05:57 PM

1- truing won't make it weaker, in fact you should look at getting it trued by a proper wheelsmith and you might find it's plenty strong for your purposes.

2- no an aerospoke won't be super strong for abuse, can't be trued and isn't a great choice for your applications.

3- a sun CR-18 laced 36 spoke 3-cross will be extremely strong. Like indestructibe strong

PedallingATX 12-05-09 06:04 PM

^^+1 to what they said^^

Deshi 12-05-09 06:06 PM

Ditch the aerospoke idea. Go have your wheel properly trued by a wheelsmith (like elTwitcho said) an forget about it. Your veep can withstand some abuse.

If you insist on a different wheel. (elTwitcho again to the rescue) The Sun CR-18 36spoke is a bulletproof setup. I have that rim/spoke count on my winter beater. I love them.

tgscordv6 12-05-09 07:02 PM

Spend $20-30 and have it trued. Aerospoke has no performance benefits.

ianjk 12-05-09 08:46 PM

Aerospokes + abuse....

thedutchtouch 12-05-09 09:25 PM

in the time it took you to post this twice under slightly different titles you could have searched for your answer.

Nuggetross 12-05-09 09:49 PM

Originally Posted by ianjk (Post 10111961)
Aerospokes + abuse....

that bike got hit by a car. way to put your spin on the issue.

HandsomeRyan 12-05-09 10:07 PM

Originally Posted by elTwitcho (Post 10111532)
3- a sun CR-18 laced 36 spoke 3-cross will be extremely strong. Like indestructibe strong

+1. I just happen to have a spare 36 hole CR-18 rim laced to a vintage high flange shimano hub sittingi n my storage closet. This was the first wheel I ever built.

Here is the hub I used. Bombproof.

dbgray21 12-05-09 10:15 PM

Originally Posted by Nuggetross (Post 10112171)
that bike got hit by a car. way to put your spin on the issue. ..

Negative Force 12-06-09 12:00 AM

Originally Posted by LionsHeart (Post 10111482)
flying off curbs during deliveries.

Originally Posted by LionsHeart (Post 10111482)
a front brake in case of emergencies due to all of the stupid drivers around my little city

Heavyweight in the rationalization-scene

LionsHeart 12-06-09 12:12 AM

Originally Posted by Negative Force (Post 10112534)
Heavyweight in the rationalization-scene

thank you thank you. ill just take into LBS~ a few of the guys i work with work there tooo... ill ask them about it. thanks:D

das_pyrate 12-06-09 12:36 AM

don't get an aerospoke, they weigh over 9000 pounds

crazyed27 12-06-09 12:45 AM

True it yourself...I have deep V rims... i made them stronger not weaker!

beeftech 12-06-09 01:02 AM

Originally Posted by das_pyrate (Post 10112605)
don't get an aerospoke, they weigh over 9000 pounds

ADSR 12-06-09 01:25 AM

What!? 9000???

beeftech 12-06-09 01:27 AM

Over nine ****ing thousand!!!1

crazyed27 12-06-09 01:50 AM

milligrams??? :)

ADSR 12-06-09 02:25 AM


stryper 12-06-09 03:10 AM

ya, like people have said, having a rim trued right will make it stronger and less likely to keep warping.

But if you want that new rim, H+Son is soon to release a 43.3mm deep rim (f**k you velocity) that is 22mm wide, which would nicely fit a 25mm tire up front, which would also help absorb some curb jumping shock. I doubt it will have a braking surface though.

Tomo_Ishi 12-06-09 03:18 AM

I found Aerospoke supposedly released that it's about 2.5kg. ... Wait someone said it's about 1.5kg.

Anyone actually know it's exact weight?

stryper 12-06-09 03:33 AM

looking them up I got this from an actual owner

Weights may vary slightly.
700c Clincher:
front- 1274g
rear- 1440g

I also found this weight
1420 front.
1608 rear.

idiq 12-06-09 07:01 AM

I want to say that I was able to EP one through my shop, I got it delivered, took it out of the box, held it for about 30 seconds, packed it back in the box and put it on eBay... the front wheel weighed as much as my entire road wheelset (AM Classic)! It also looked very cheap. From my (brief) inspection, it appears they use an all-metal design then just press two carbon halves together. You can see down the middle where this occurs, it looked very cheap and also a great marketing con to advertise a carbon-pressed metal-core wheel as a carbon wheel.

the_don 12-06-09 07:05 AM

It's not carbon, it's a composite (plastic mix really). Don't know how it compares to a similar material like Eastons' CNT products. But the Eastons are very light, and strong. These are just strong and heavy.

If you like the style, then go for it. Don't be under the illusion that they are performance wheels.

Simple as that.

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