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schmarrick 04-01-10 02:07 PM

Dia compe mx-122
can anyone post a picture of these brakes on their bikes?

looking to buy these and wanted to know if they would look good as aero brakes with hoods on drops

<img src="">

Tomo_Ishi 04-01-10 10:38 PM

Time long ago, I had those on a drop bar before. You can find a lot of users posting their track bars with it on google image search, but this is mine (it's a chop-and-forgot-to-flip bar)

But you know the lever curves out. So replacing an aero brake lever may not work. ... Where do you intend to put your lever anyway?

If you use it this way, you will find that clamp / screw stick out to bite your hands. ... That's a negative bit. But they are cheap and available in many colors.

schmarrick 04-02-10 11:08 PM

o thanks.
i really just needed to know scale. can i use them as cross levers then? i like having aero and cross levers, and i'd like one pair to be gold, which is why im interested in the mx.

Tomo_Ishi 04-03-10 06:16 AM

I don't think you can use it as "secondary" brake lever to the aero brake lever. You see, you can't have brake wire going through MX122 ... to enable the use of both levers. It's supposed to be used alone; plus it takes MTB cables. You might have to stick with the good ol' usual cross lever like the one from Tektro. ... Those kinda wimpy; I striped threads of both of mine. (maybe it's because I am a total inept tho.)

schmarrick 04-03-10 09:24 PM

thanks for the info, brud!

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