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Dahm 04-22-10 10:52 PM

Help determining model of Fuji
Hey guys,

I just picked up this Fuji fixed/ss bike. I was so happy when I bought it I forgot to ask the seller the model it was originally before he converted it.

Things to know:
- Not original paint
- All Campy components (not sure if they are original, but I believe they are)
- I'm not 100% convinced that the fork is original either, but from how the brake is nutted in, it could be (but who knows if those Campy parts are originals either...)

Can anyone identify the model? I'm trying to find it here:

TejanoTrackie 04-22-10 11:34 PM

You might want to ask in the C & V forum. Fuji did not use Campy, only Japanese parts like Suntour. Fork probably not original. I'd guess frame is mid 80's. Cranks might be Sugino Maxy. Just really guessing , though.

Dahm 04-22-10 11:39 PM

Ah good call on the Campy parts, didn't know that. The cranks are actually Campy, but the caps on the nuts where the crank attaches to the BB says Sugino, so you might be right. I realy don't know my way around Campy and Sugino parts very well.

I'll try the C&V forum.

EDIT: If anyone cares, C&V found the original owner on Flickr and noted that it was a Fuji Club from Mid-80's (probably), with aftermarket Campy components all around, and aftermarket Fork, Shimano 600 hubs laced to Mavic rims, etc.

gumbii 04-23-10 02:45 AM

nice bike...

but i'm really digging that quilt in the back made of bandannas... that's tight...

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