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espi-JG 08-18-10 09:19 PM

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Hello BF, nice to meet you.

postup 08-18-10 09:33 PM

Originally Posted by coma061 (Post 11310091)
A couple older ones (2004)
Honeymoon in Tahiti with a baguette

Hmm, a very fittingly phallic choice for a honeymoon pic.

postup 08-18-10 09:51 PM

My ride:


Squirrelli 08-18-10 09:56 PM

The green is not working with the blue, try another skin colour.

stillanimal 08-18-10 10:02 PM

Originally Posted by ticotico (Post 11314262)
wheres all the hipsters

me, 2yrs ago.

cZa 08-18-10 10:03 PM

Originally Posted by Vixtor (Post 11314549)
The green is not working with the blue, try another skin colour.

Just wrap the bars in yellow tape and call it good.

patthepunk 08-18-10 10:16 PM

Originally Posted by vw addict (Post 11313294)
an apple and a muffin?

and day old pizza

patthepunk 08-18-10 10:19 PM

No Hipsters?!

scottmforreals 08-18-10 10:44 PM

Carbo-loading for my next ride. I hope to get sponsored by Dairy Queen.

scottmforreals 08-18-10 10:47 PM

Dear gosh I look like a meth addict.

patthepunk 08-18-10 10:49 PM

Originally Posted by scottmforreals (Post 11314749)
Dear gosh I look like a meth addict.

With a cheesebuger

scottmforreals 08-18-10 10:55 PM

Originally Posted by patthepunk (Post 11314754)
With a cheesebuger

Recovering meth addict, then.

xkillemallx16 08-19-10 12:13 AM

cheeseburger addict

xbrosephx 08-19-10 12:15 AM

Originally Posted by patthepunk (Post 11314648)

theyre all at tarckbike talking about pannier bags and fenders.

scottmforreals 08-19-10 12:16 AM

I'm too fat to be a hipster.

scottmforreals 08-19-10 12:17 AM

Cheeseburgers and what not.

xbrosephx 08-19-10 12:23 AM


scottmforreals 08-19-10 12:28 AM

Seperated at birth.

xbrosephx 08-19-10 12:39 AM

i was thinking the same thing..

scottmforreals 08-19-10 12:56 AM

BFFS 4 EVA. Forget having hair.

coma061 08-19-10 03:46 AM

Originally Posted by KDNYC (Post 11313325)
You married a baguette?

No, the baguette was just a fling. Then I ate it to get rid of the evidence.

the_don 08-19-10 05:37 AM

Originally Posted by Sixty Fiver (Post 11308128)
Although some say there is a bit of a resemblance...

I always thought you were John Cleese from the 70's...

My world has been turned upside down!

Scrodzilla 08-19-10 05:52 AM

It looks like 65er's daughter is trying to yank the railing right off. :lol:

vw addict 08-19-10 05:53 AM

Originally Posted by xbrosephx (Post 11315007)


TejanoTrackie 08-19-10 05:59 AM

Over 200 posts, and still no pic of Vixtor. Bzzzzzt, time's up! I hereby declare Vixtor to be a cartoon character.

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