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joker8baller 12-04-10 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by renton20 (Post 11883321)
I got these too. I also got
Headset wrench
threadless stem
left brake lever
bunch of red brass nipples
rand parts from a threadless headset

I think it was worth it just for the surprise. Also, the stem, heart rate monitor, frame bag and wrench will be legitimately useful

p.s. did the heart rate monitor package look like its NOS from 93? That made me laugh my ass off

HAHAHA. YES. That manual? Omg. It was priceless.

calv 12-04-10 03:31 AM


Originally Posted by avner (Post 11882827)
the cat should make it clear that i'm joking.

look at the cat. how could I be serious?

I don't see a cat.. lol Just text :[

Scrodzilla 12-04-10 09:03 AM

Damn, where's the cat? I wanna see the cat!

avner 12-04-10 09:29 AM

cat should be working now.

Scrodzilla 12-04-10 09:33 AM

Dude, that's an awesome cat.

Squirrelli 12-04-10 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by avner (Post 11882605)

Repost for quality.

AWWWWW :love:

MrJay 12-04-10 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by Capocaccia (Post 11883594)

Timbuk 2 Messenger backpacks are on closeout from for 39.99 from 90.00. Also, you can take another 20% off any single item in your cart so that takes it down to 31.00. Great deal in my book.

Yeah..this same price ($40) is on a few other sites...
Have been contemplating it for about a month now..but I really would prefer a solid color vs the camo...
But for 20% off......

avner 12-04-10 06:12 PM

oh damn, I shouldn't but I might be totally down for that.

thedutchtouch 12-05-10 11:49 AM

how hard would it be to dye that bag black and not have it wash out when it rains?

bryle 12-05-10 01:04 PM

Any good deals out there for Miche or EAI cogs?

FlatSix911 12-05-10 03:08 PM

A nice deal on a Smith & Wesson high output light :thumb:
Available for $39.99 online December 5th at

  • Lumen Output: High 132/Low 51
  • Runtime High: Up to 20 Hours
  • Runtime Low: Up to 50 Hours
  • Anti-Roll Tactical Tail Cap switch
  • 1 weapon mountable barrel
  • high-performance CREE LED
  • Holster, pocket clip, wrist lanyard
  • (3) Energizer AAA batteries included

Scrodzilla 12-06-10 01:31 PM

Just so everyone is aware, this thread isn't for posting craigslist/ebay links to things you are selling (you need to be a paid member of BF to post such ads). The purpose of this thread is to share info on sales, coupon codes, etc.

Muchas Gracias.

hairnet 12-07-10 06:09 PM

avner 12-07-10 06:30 PM

nice find hairnet. Would def. I'd Try them out if I didn't have spds.

Panda Bear 12-07-10 07:55 PM

Any idea on the quality of these things?

xkillemallx16 12-07-10 08:08 PM

time atacs are pretty highly regarded, some of the lightest spd pedals around.

dsh 12-07-10 09:46 PM


Originally Posted by xkillemallx16 (Post 11901234)
time atacs are pretty highly regarded, some of the lightest spd pedals around.

Uh, what? Are we talking about the same Time ATAC Aliums?
They're 350 grams. That's middle of the pack at best.

They are highly regarded, but I think that's more because of how they handle mud/muck, and the fact that they allow angular as well as lateral float.

avner 12-08-10 12:03 AM

m520's are only 30gs more :p but thats a great deal for a set. I paid like 120 for my m520's + louis garneau bromonts.

hairnet 12-08-10 07:27 PM

I'm digging the deal because I'm going to need new shoes soon, mine are just trashed, and I'd like to try TIME atacs

Crappymonkey 12-10-10 11:38 AM

Gotta get this thread started again :p

10 pairs of running/cycling socks for $20 (normally $100) (warning: they are ugly)

Panda Bear 12-10-10 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by Crappymonkey (Post 11914067)
Gotta get this thread started again :p

10 pairs of running/cycling socks for $20 (normally $100) (warning: they are ugly)

Ordered. They're not too ugly. Raising my hipster cred, ftw.

Scopes 12-10-10 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by Vixtor (Post 11868000)
BOX OF CRAP - $5 + $12 shipping.

Just sharing this jolly holiday box of crap with SSFG brothers and sisters.

How'd you get them to ship to BC? When I tried they said "Will not ship to BC" or some garbage

yummygooey 12-10-10 07:52 PM

Nashbar has free shipping until 12/12/2010.

Thirteen. 12-10-10 10:52 PM

^^^ I believe this is ONLY if you spend over $100?

Nvm, they just changed it to free shipping for all orders.

hairnet 12-11-10 12:30 AM

I just ordered the Shoe/pedal combo and I'll report back when they arrive. I'm pretty happy, my shoes have been run to the ground and my pedals are pretty damn old.

incase you guys didn't checkout the page, there are other good deals. For instance
These don't come in my size :(

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