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plowmanjoe 09-15-10 11:10 AM


Originally Posted by avner (Post 11468687),,en.php,,en.php

Great prices on some Continental Grand-Prix. Im going to pick up a set next pay check.

what's the difference between those two tires?

avner 09-15-10 11:46 AM

I think some secret formula in the tires that make one more sticky. I heard some kid road up a wall on the S version. But then again I may be lying.

Squirrelli 09-15-10 03:29 PM

As far as I know, GP 4000S and the black GP 4000 are the same, both of them contain the "Black Chili" compound. However, the coloured versions of GP 4000 does not contain the Black Chili compound.

Scrodzilla 09-15-10 03:45 PM

Listen Jared, that kind of blatant racism won't be tolerated around here.

Squirrelli 09-15-10 03:53 PM

It's okay, I could get away with anything with my dashing good looks.

Scrodzilla 09-15-10 03:55 PM

You're a skinhead now. That explains it.

Squirrelli 09-15-10 04:03 PM

Oh sorry...I was a skinhead yesterday but I had to grow my hair back today to ride with my posse.

Scrodzilla 09-15-10 04:17 PM

I'm still highly offended by your friend parading around in whiteface.

WoundedKnee 09-15-10 04:28 PM

It seems like has a lot of stuff on sale right now.

rootbeer 09-15-10 05:25 PM

Just saw this today, sale ends in 16 hours.

NITTO RB 021 size 42cm only from an ebay seller with 99.9% feedback, in the USA with free shipping for $24.75. 8 sold and the seller has more than 10 in stock:

TheBikeRollsOn 09-15-10 05:27 PM

I might just jump on those bars... I don't really need them though.

rootbeer 09-15-10 05:31 PM


Originally Posted by TheBikeRollsOn (Post 11471260)
I might just jump on those bars... I don't really need them though.

I don't really need them either at the moment but for $25 shipped...I couldn't resist.

Squirrelli 09-15-10 05:34 PM

Just buy it and make a $20 profit.

yummygooey 09-15-10 06:04 PM

I'd get them if they were 40cm. Darn.

polobreaka 09-15-10 06:06 PM

ebay seller: wheelsandsprocket = eighthinch

Scrodzilla 09-15-10 06:59 PM

I just bought a set simply for the hell of it.

avner 09-15-10 07:19 PM

****..i did it.

plowmanjoe 09-15-10 07:23 PM

you think that a thread like this will save you money.


Scrodzilla 09-15-10 07:48 PM

I don't like to save money. I like to buy stuff at good prices.

Squirrelli 09-15-10 08:00 PM


Originally Posted by Scrodzilla (Post 11471775)
I just bought a set simply for the hell of it.


I picked up a set of Rb-021 for $5 a long time ago, I hated it so I sold it for $30. :D

City Hype 09-15-10 10:43 PM

great. I bought a pair a month ago from them for 50.

TheBikeRollsOn 09-16-10 06:49 AM

I just bought them. I'll probably mount them like once and then go back to my road drops with hoods. Maybe when I feel like making my ****ty conversion look super hip I'll throw them on.

blickblocks 09-16-10 10:04 AM

I offer 15% off all custom bags for bikeforums members.

adriano 09-16-10 11:16 AM

i wish you made a cheaper backpack.

illdthedj 09-16-10 11:29 AM

hahaha i just bought rb-021s for 40 shipped, and they were used lol.....although, barely used, and covered with fancy pants two tone Fizik bar tape...

i definitely dont need another pair....but for 25 shipped??? i could always put them on my coaster brake bike for sh!!ts n giggles....

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