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arp415 12-28-10 12:06 AM


Originally Posted by Lilcphoto (Post 11991847)
I still don't quite understand the people that spent all the money to get all of the nice parts, and then they could only ride it for a short amount of time, or they never got to ride it... You don't drop that amount of cash on something you don't cherish... it just makes for a bad ad, and a fishy sale...

Because no one ever buys things on credit, sure they can pay for them later... ;)

Leukybear 12-28-10 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by Lilcphoto (Post 11991919)

wow.... I rather have a bob jackson

Squirrelli 12-28-10 12:24 AM

A BJ you say?


xkillemallx16 12-28-10 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by happypills (Post 11991946)
wow.... I rather have a bob jackson


Originally Posted by Vixtor (Post 11991990)
A BJ you say?



Leukybear 12-28-10 04:27 PM

Now that's whats up.
I can sure go for both of those. :D

avner 12-28-10 06:18 PM
rush for 240

Squirrelli 12-28-10 10:28 PM

Sweet Bianchi for $300.

xkillemallx16 12-28-10 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by avner (Post 11995340)


Originally Posted by Vixtor (Post 11996311)

both decent deals.

Aloe 12-28-10 11:01 PM

Three i came across over the past two weeks that seemed decent:

Early 80's Schwinn LeTour Men's Road Bike Near New Condition - $250 (Chicago - Far North Side)
Schwinn World Sport Vintage road bike - $220 (60056)
Lotus - Exelle - Sport Series - 80's Road Bike - Made In Japan - $250 (North Side Of Chicago)

seau grateau 12-28-10 11:16 PM

That Lotus is nice.

MasterJoda 12-28-10 11:18 PM

Holy **** chicago! Those things are expensive. South Carolina is the place to be for cheap bikes. I got a raleigh record for 20 bucks. Couldn't sell it for 140 so i traded it for a Bianchi Sport SX. The bad part is that if i ride out of my drive way i get run over.

seau grateau 12-29-10 11:07 AM


dsh 12-29-10 11:21 AM


bontrager kevlar tire on the back- NO MORE PINCH FLATS:)
Well thank god you can't get pinch flats with bontrager tires!

seau grateau 12-29-10 11:23 AM

Bontrager tires just don't pinch. Ever.

fixedgear80 12-30-10 02:10 PM

No wonder why this bike has been on CL for the past few months.
Just cause your in PDX doesnt mean you can jack up prices!!
Check out this scammer!
A VISP frame track bike for 1200. Its certainly NOT a Fuji Track Pro.
This bike is worth about 300 bucks if not less.

Scrodzilla 12-30-10 02:56 PM

Actually, I don't think it's a Visp. Don't Visp frames use a separate seat post clamp?

Where does it say something about it being a Fuji?

edit: Nevermind. I just found quite a few pics of Visp frames via Google that show integrated clamps.

seau grateau 12-30-10 04:46 PM

Lol at all the carbon.

xavier853 12-30-10 05:05 PM

looks pretty nice to me. Minus the risers

Scrodzilla 12-30-10 05:09 PM

But does it really look like it's worth 1200 bucks?

xavier853 12-30-10 05:32 PM

Yeah your right. Pass

fixedgear80 12-30-10 05:35 PM

Well darnnit...I was looking at the rear dropouts!
Very similar to this??

Anyways if your selling a bike for $1200 you should tell us what type of frame it is!
No I dont think its worth $1200
Which is why its been on C.L. for a few months.

Lilcphoto 01-01-11 01:52 PM

Why do I seem to always come across these ridiculously expensive 80's conversions yet they look soo tempting to bomb around on in the snow?

youngandcurious 01-01-11 02:51 PM

avner 01-03-11 10:06 PM

one of the more hilarious things i've found on CL, happened to be reading through the best of. Also theres one on sex, but I wont post that.

Originally Posted by clippet
- I love that you have the enthusiasm to build yourself a recumbent in the off season. That does not mean however, that I share your enthusiasm; ergo I won't do the "final tweaks" for you. You figure out why that Sram shifter and that Shimano rear derailleur don't work together. While we're at it, you recumbent people scare me a little. Don't bring that lumbering ****ing thing anywhere near me.

pchanman 01-05-11 04:04 PM
$250 for a 2010 madison. not too bad

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