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xChrispy 11-03-10 05:51 AM

Friend gave me his bike!
Hey guys, my friend gave me his bike and I was wondering if it was any good?
thanks for the help, and if you could identify the wheelset or... anything it would be helpful
Also, if you can tell me if there's anything I need to/ should buy for it, that would really be a great help too.

Pictures are bigger now...

ianjk 11-03-10 06:58 AM

Add a break.

rumrunn6 11-03-10 07:01 AM

or a brake

HFTB 11-03-10 07:12 AM

That's a nice gimme

dsh 11-03-10 07:25 AM

Your "friend" is trying to kill you.

avner 11-03-10 07:42 AM

Thats not a bike thats a Crocodile! Be careful or

P.S its a decent bike for free.

vw addict 11-03-10 08:07 AM

I'd give it back

xavier853 11-03-10 08:10 AM

Originally Posted by vw addict (Post 11725301)
I'd give it back

no, i would sell it.

Scrodzilla 11-03-10 08:31 AM

Does it fit you? If yes, good score. If not, ask him if he'd mind you selling it to buy something that fits.

vw addict 11-03-10 10:13 AM

Does this friend know that he gave you this bike? Or is it going to be a surprise when he goes to get on it?

xChrispy 11-03-10 12:06 PM

haha yeah he gave it to me. does anybody know what wheelset that is by looking? is it possible to tell?

xChrispy 11-03-10 12:07 PM

and what kind of brake should i get... from where?

xavier853 11-03-10 12:17 PM

probably a set of alex rims, but i am not sure.

Deshi 11-03-10 12:46 PM

Best of luck to ya.

Leukybear 11-03-10 12:51 PM

Originally Posted by Deshi (Post 11726995)

Nah he wont need it; black things are automatically 50X stronger than all other colored counterparts.

Scrodzilla 11-03-10 01:07 PM

Deshi - beat me to it.

xChrispy 11-03-10 01:23 PM

well good thing it was free then! haha i guess ill learn on this one and when it breaks i can get a real one!

Scrodzilla 11-03-10 01:28 PM

You'll be alright, just don't trick on it.

Deshi 11-03-10 01:31 PM

Originally Posted by Scrodzilla (Post 11727116)
Deshi - beat me to it.

I thought you were not gonna post it.

JesusBananas 11-03-10 01:42 PM

Originally Posted by ianjk (Post 11725000)
Add a break.

I'm guessing this is not a typo. :lol:

Scrodzilla 11-03-10 02:05 PM

I'm guessing your wright.

avner 11-03-10 02:20 PM

Originally Posted by Scrodzilla (Post 11727465)
I'm guessing your wright.

Op: that's a dope come up, not a bad bike, just don't abuse it like they did with the one above and you'll be fine. Enjoy riding it

Kayce 11-03-10 03:09 PM

Pk Rippers were marketed as a trick frame, and when people started using them as such they broke a lot of them. Its not great aluminum, but will work decently enough as a getting around bike, just dont think you can go around doing tricks on it.

The hubs are quandos, i cant tell what rims they are.

xChrispy 11-03-10 04:58 PM

thanks guys!
thanks! anyone have any recommendations for brakes?

Leukybear 11-03-10 05:03 PM

You might need longer reach brake calipers due to the fork's ability to accommodate HUGE tires.

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