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jserr007 05-19-11 10:10 PM

Painting Frame in SoCal
Hello All,

I have a fixie with quite a few chips on the frame(mostly from bike racks, and other bikes)
I was wondering if anyone knows of a place where I can get my bike frame completely repainted in the SoCal region?

I kind of dont want to paint it myself. Im afraid ill do a bad job, and that it will chip easily. Id rather avoid the hassel and pay someone to do it professionally.


Scrodzilla 05-20-11 04:45 AM

Any auto body or custom motorcycle shop will be able to paint your frame. Do a Google search or look in the phone book and make some calls. If you want a really durable finish, get it powdercoated instead of painted.

mikeetow 05-20-11 06:52 AM


foofighter29er 05-23-11 12:23 AM

Originally Posted by mikeetow (Post 12668531)

+1 i've had 2 bikes done by them and both times they've done a great job..

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