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rithem 07-06-11 05:43 AM

My only logic based guess as to why an ISO taper on a Japanese part is this; ISO was the dominant taper in track racing so Sugino followed suit. They never imagined us using the parts in the way we do so ... this is what we end up with. Mfg's that dominated the track market in the 80's & 90's were Campy, Suntour Superbe Pro (my favorite), and Shimano (10pitchDA-octalink after?) to a lesser degree I think (someone pipe up if I'm off on this please, I am assuming to a degree) In order to stay competitive with the Q-factor (space between the L & R crank arms when mounted) of the other mfg's. So, Sugino stuck with the standard which is ISO. Oddly the UCI is based in Switzerland and so is ISO ...hmmm. Anyway, I'm wayyyy to OCD about matching parts to their parent & sibling components to be bothed trying to figure out how to make something not meant for it work; but that's not to say other can't do that, as I have seen it done for years. When I bought my first Track frame in 2003 it came woth Suntour Superbe pro track 170's on a Shimano Un53 BB, I ran a miche BB for a long time because it was ISO and with no Drive side BB cup flange I could migrate the BB slightly to correct my chainline. With in a year a rare stash of Suntour track 107mm BB's showed up on EAI and I bought it for 100 bucks; it is and has been perfect. I would save up for the sugino BB if you can swing it, it will last for a long time if you take care of it.

yummygooey 07-06-11 06:36 AM

I don't think I'll ever get the loose ball Sugino bottom bracket unless I get it for a comparable price as the Protype, Miche, or similar. I won't notice the difference, and the bottom bracket maintenance is more of a nuisance for me. If I got it, it'd just be for the OCD/cred factor.

dk2ck 07-08-11 09:28 PM

Should I order a pair of Tour of California Voler bibs if I can get them for $32?

streetdude 07-08-11 09:43 PM

Should I check this bike out? It's a BCA (Bicycle Corp. of America), which was some sort of subsidiary of Ross, but it apparently has Shimano 600, which makes me think the frame might not be total garbage. It looks to be in pretty OK shape, but the pictures are (of course) terrible.

Guy is asking $205 for it, but I figure I'll throw out a lower offer.

There's also a good chance that it's too small for me. And it has two different pedals.

bryyando 07-08-11 11:42 PM

Should I get an Iro Rob Roy for less then 400, or wait it out and get a new Felt Breed with a discount later on? Planning on hitting the dirt eventually.

Steev 07-09-11 05:18 AM


Originally Posted by dk2ck (Post 12901429)
Should I order a pair of Tour of California Voler bibs if I can get them for $32?

If they still have your size, yes. Act quick, they are selling out fast.

yummygooey 07-09-11 09:15 AM

I probably should have bought those when I placed my jersey order. Woops.

Scrodzilla 07-09-11 09:19 AM

Bibs are the new skinny jeans.

bbattle 07-09-11 09:45 AM

Once you go bibs, you'll never go back.

dk2ck 07-10-11 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by Steev (Post 12902127)
If they still have your size, yes. Act quick, they are selling out fast.

Hm, after some consideration, I'm not sure if I'll get them. I looked at the Voler sizing chart, and I'm right inbetween S and XS. My small Hincapie jersey ended up fitting too big. Are bib sizes and jersey sizes normally the same?

UCF Eric 07-10-11 06:54 PM

Should I, get an IRO frame and transfer all my parts over to it and rebuild my Kilo with more commuter friendly parts?

yummygooey 07-10-11 07:01 PM

Why IRO? I think the IRO and Kilo are pretty comparable frames (maybe not geometry wise, but at least quality wise).

hamfoh 07-10-11 08:16 PM

Should I make my Leader's rims Deep Vs or H+ Son Formation Face. Aesthetically I like the H+Sons more but I have concerns as a "Clydesdale" (6' 220) about them handling my big ass. Would either be better/worse for a brake if I ever an one? I'm still riding brakeless, but as my oh **** moments increase I'm thinking of having at least 1 bike with one, the Formation face seem like they may not handle a brake well either, but I have nobody with first hand experience to back this up.

yummygooey 07-10-11 08:38 PM


homebrewk 07-10-11 08:42 PM

The Formation Face and brakes DO NOT go well together (thanks Scrod). The SL42 has a proper braking surface and is a better choice IMHO.

hamfoh 07-10-11 10:02 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Considered those, not sure if Ben carries them, will ask. What kind of difference am I going to see between the two in terms of strength? the FF is the 'true' deep v profile

yummygooey 07-11-11 05:26 AM

If you build your wheel properly, there probably will not be a noticeable difference in terms of strength.

Scrodzilla 07-11-11 05:53 AM

Don't use a brake on a Formation Face.

"True deep v profile" pretty much just means there's no level braking surface. The Formation Face and SL42 are pretty much the same rim and I would highly doubt one is stronger than the other.

UCF Eric 07-11-11 04:40 PM


Originally Posted by yummygooey (Post 12908557)
Why IRO? I think the IRO and Kilo are pretty comparable frames (maybe not geometry wise, but at least quality wise).

I'm looking to pick up a second frame so I don't have to wear my road shoes for my 3 mile commute to campus, figured the IRO was a tad nicer than my Kilo. My other option is a Leader 720tr fir sale near me, brand new.

yummygooey 07-11-11 05:05 PM

Try an aluminum bike!

Kayce 07-11-11 05:08 PM

Starting from the position of you know your kilo pretty well. What would you change about it for your "commuter"?

Leukybear 07-11-11 05:34 PM

My chrome bag is pretty trashed should I get a mission workshop vandal or rambler?

jdgesus 07-11-11 07:04 PM

vandal unless you're are smaller then 5'8"

hamfoh 07-12-11 08:16 AM

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Front Wheel:

This build or a heavyspoke!? They're about the same price.

yummygooey 07-12-11 08:25 AM

For the Soma? That build, but only if you do it yourself.

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