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powerjb 12-11-04 02:25 PM

boulder velodrome

I just read this article this morning. I'm stoked.

Has anyone else heard about this?

KeatonR 12-11-04 11:52 PM

C'mon ... that's gotta be a joke, right? I mean, I'd love to see it, but ... we'll see.

For my other obsession, tennis, I've been waiting to see whether a much less expensive proposal would go through -- the tennis center at Valmont, out near the ballfields. But as always, the question is where the money is going to come from (even though, from the looks of all the commercial construction in this town, money apparently grows on trees).

So the real question here is, who's ponying up the $25 mill for this?

Drayko 12-12-04 03:21 PM

It would be awesome.
BTW- If anyone wants to, and I know it's short notice, an e-mail I got for more info. It's today tho, in an hour and a half.

You are invited on Sunday, Dec.12th @ 4:00PM to the kickoff presentation
of the Boulder Velodrome. Drinks and food provided; many local and pro
cyclists; architectual renderings on the whole facility; opportunity to
be an investor in the Subscription Agreement for the Velodrome project;
presentation by the 3 principals in the project; a good time.

Please come; and, please send this message to any of your contacts
(Boulder Masters or otherwise) who have an interest in supporting this
exciting project.

Location: Bridge School, 6717 S. Boulder Road, Boulder CO 80303
(NOTE: 2 miles east of Cherryvale Road on S. Boulder Road; next to the
Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church)

powerjb 12-12-04 08:47 PM

Wow, I"m bummed I missed that meeting. That would have been rad.

Hopefully there will be some progress on it when I get back to the states in June.

allikzar 12-13-04 09:44 AM

Does anyone have any pics of what this is going to look like?

emayex 12-13-04 11:22 AM doesnt exist yet

powerjb 12-13-04 02:10 PM

check out

I'm pretty sure that this is the site

allikzar 12-13-04 02:44 PM

Originally Posted by powerjb

Nice that's what I was looking for. I knew that it wasnt built yet but they do have
conceptual drawings of what it might look like.

Rex 12-14-04 12:54 PM

Sweet! I love Boulder. Great college town. Man, I would've loved to gone to college up there. I have a couple friends in that area. Hopefully, I'll get to visit when the weather is nice for some riding and how they get that velodrome in good shape too!

HammyHead 09-22-08 06:06 PM

A 'velodrome' in Boulder?
Well, it doesn't look like it yet to me... In the September 2008 issue of Rocky Mountain Sports there is a brief mention of the 'velodrome' - a '138 meter track' - on page 8. This got me excited and I drove to the location today during lunch... Doors locked, no cars in the parking lot, but on the building there was a banner announcing the velodrome. So, I peaked in the windows and I saw nothing but an empty warehouse, a warehouse so small I could not imagine a velodrome... Is 138 meters adequate anyway???

Well, it seems like a good idea, but who knows yet if it will be built and, if it is built, will 138 meters be large enough for track racing?

Here's the link:

HammyHead :twitchy:

thereedreeder 09-22-08 06:13 PM

the company i worked for this summer does all the landscaping and lot maintenance at the building its going to be in. it's definitely coming, but who knows when.

by the way, hammyhead, i hope you appreciated those pink rocks everyhwere, because i laid them all by hand. worst week of my life.

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