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Jandro 08-23-13 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by iTripped (Post 15990565)
Another nice shot. Is this also from the gopro?

No, this was from a real camera. Canon 7D, I believe.


Originally Posted by yummygooey
@Jandro, what is your gearing on the caad?

11-26 cassette, standard cranks.

cali_axela 08-23-13 04:33 PM

Pacifica Bluffs:

Mt Tam:

It was kinda ridiculous how many people couldn't believe I rode a fixed gear on this Mt Tam loop. Almost as ridiculous as how long my legs were sore afterwards.

johnnytheboy 08-23-13 09:10 PM

first ride post concussion.
felt cautious, man.

Mumonkan 08-23-13 09:47 PM

that blow to the head knocked something loose (roadie crosschain nitpicking)

also @yummygooey those are the best ride pics ive seen in this thread in just about ever

johnnytheboy 08-23-13 09:57 PM

Damn. Call out!
i still had one cog left on the cassette! Haha

SpeshulEd 08-24-13 01:37 AM

Johnny, did you put together your bike or did an LBS?

I found out (after a flat this morning) that I had tubes in my tubeless wheels (same rims/tires as yours). Just wondering if that's the norm or if my LBS was being dumb. Gonna go pick up a tubeless kit tomorrow and test things out.

johnnytheboy 08-24-13 06:09 AM

I did.

lubes17319 08-24-13 08:56 AM

SpeshulEd 08-24-13 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by johnnytheboy (Post 15994079)
I did.

Yeah, I'm assuming the LBS just threw tubes in thinking most people have no idea what tubeless is and if they flatted, would freak out about not having a tube in the tire. Who knows.

I'm picking up some slime and valves today, will be tubeless this afternoon.

johnnytheboy 08-24-13 11:53 AM

The durano s tires aren't toobless.
I'm not risking my teeth with that.

johnnytheboy 08-24-13 12:02 PM

but if you're going to do it, i'd suggest a latex based sealant (like stan's) vs. a fiber sealant (like slime).

Mumonkan 08-24-13 02:13 PM

from todays geeksquad ride


SpeshulEd 08-24-13 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by johnnytheboy (Post 15994739)
The durano s tires aren't toobless.
I'm not risking my teeth with that.


Originally Posted by johnnytheboy (Post 15994758)
but if you're going to do it, i'd suggest a latex based sealant (like stan's) vs. a fiber sealant (like slime).

Ahh, mine came with ultremo zx's. I picked up the stans sealant as well. However, I popped the bead at 120psi, so I gave up.

They make ultremo's as clinchers and tubeless, c'dale website says tubeless in the specs...wonder if they're the clinchers and not the tubeless tires? I need to go investigate. However, I think I'm going to give up and sell the wheelset. I have another set of carbon clinchers on the way.

GMJ 08-24-13 06:40 PM


I'm really bad at taking podium photos.

Kayce 08-24-13 07:34 PM

GMJ missed the best podium photo, but can humble brag like no other.

This is also the podium that I can take the tiniest amount of credit for.

Mumonkan 08-24-13 09:40 PM

dat magestic mane.

seau grateau 08-25-13 01:45 AM

Damn that girl is--aww ****.

thewilson 08-25-13 09:14 AM

johnnytheboy 08-25-13 03:21 PM

took the crux out for a leisurely spin today.

johnnytheboy 08-28-13 08:03 PM

enjoyed a nice sunset tonight.

azgreg 08-29-13 05:33 PM

cali_axela 08-29-13 06:16 PM

That would be so awesome, if it weren't for the purple crocs.

Leukybear 08-29-13 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by cali_axela (Post 15992868)

Does the orange string-like stuff you have wounded all over your frame light up/ glow?

cali_axela 08-29-13 09:31 PM

Indeed it does. It's not crazy bright, but it's quite nice at night, and was pretty cheap -- from

Jandro 08-30-13 04:29 PM

First we:


Then we:


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