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Huffandstuff 03-30-14 02:22 AM

Random sunshine break today when doing tabor laps.

Dixie Gentleman 03-31-14 04:58 PM



63_dorinte 03-31-14 06:44 PM

60F and sunny today, but no leaves or flowers, still waiting for Spring

hairnet 03-31-14 08:18 PM

Angeles National Forest

EnzoRWD 04-08-14 01:29 PM

3rd annual Triangle Tweed Ride with my zip-tied baguette launcher

johnnytheboy 04-12-14 07:15 PM

cali_axela 04-19-14 11:53 PM

Tested out my rack and loaded panniers on my FG today. Rode out to Fort Point right at the edge of the Golden Gate bridge. My knees do not approve of this test... lower gearing definitely needed for loaded FG touring. Still a fun day.

Dixie Gentleman 04-25-14 01:50 PM

bigaaronsrt 04-30-14 09:06 AM

oouellette 05-10-14 02:46 PM

bmontgomery87 05-12-14 05:45 AM

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I rode for about 4-5 hours in the rain. Got caught in a few downpours, and the bike needed a pretty good cleaning after, but it was a fun day.

bpr 05-12-14 09:30 AM

thewilson 05-13-14 05:29 AM

I got to do a beautiful ride around my home town recently.

lubes17319 05-13-14 10:46 AM

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At 10,000' last weekend

TMonk 05-13-14 11:52 AM

Hairnet this looks like an awesome, epic ride.

I want you to show me through the cuts in the hills of LA some day.

Mr Pink57 05-15-14 12:10 PM

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thewilson 05-15-14 05:51 PM

Today I rode up to Fort McClary in Kittery ME.

hairnet 05-15-14 07:33 PM


Originally Posted by TMonk (Post 16755141)
Hairnet this looks like an awesome, epic ride.

I want you to show me through the cuts in the hills of LA some day.

haha yeah, if you're ever up here we can do some climbs. You're probably faster than me.

thewilson 05-19-14 06:59 AM

It was painfully good looking out yesterday.

One4Five145 05-19-14 01:51 PM

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Nice Little ride thru the local community Bike trail

cessanfrancisco 05-19-14 02:00 PM

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My science project. It's not worth much or very fancy, but I have fun riding it, putting stickers on it, and trying new parts with it.

intothev0id 05-23-14 01:33 PM

Jaytron 05-23-14 02:50 PM


Huffandstuff 05-25-14 12:16 AM

Got back from crater lake and it was amazing. I'm the non plussed hipster.

TMonk 05-25-14 08:56 AM


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