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yummygooey 12-28-11 05:01 PM

Ride Pics
I like seeing where other people ride. It's nice to see a change of scenery, even if it's just through the interwebz.

I've been riding this route a lot lately:

Dcv 12-28-11 05:03 PM

Went for a 30 mile ride today, across the river from DC

10 Wheels 12-28-11 05:05 PM

Originally Posted by Dcv (Post 13649086)

Nice bike....

Dcv 12-28-11 05:06 PM

Originally Posted by yummygooey (Post 13649075)
I like seeing where other people ride. It's nice to see a change of scenery, even if it's just through the interwebz.

I've been riding this route a lot lately:

Where is this?

Dcv 12-28-11 05:12 PM

Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 13649096)
Nice bike....

Thanks, today was the first ride since I finished the build. Freewheeling feels weird (I'm used to fixed), love the hoods.

xfive 12-28-11 05:55 PM

striknein 12-28-11 06:06 PM

10 miles outside of Wichita.

yummygooey 12-28-11 06:20 PM

Originally Posted by Dcv (Post 13649102)
Where is this?

It's some nice trail that runs along a river near my house (Chi 'burbs).

cc700 12-28-11 07:17 PM

Higher Class 12-28-11 10:07 PM

jdgesus 12-28-11 10:29 PM

from yesterday before i broke my stem

Doohickie 12-28-11 10:37 PM

Saturday a week before Christmas Eve I did a 44 mile country road "ramble." Most of the roads were unpaved.

The bike I rode. It's the one I usually do my commuting on:

A pic of me (in front) chugging up a hill

More pics and the complete story here: Third Annual Fall Finale Country Path Ramble

Roasty 12-29-11 12:52 AM

rode up to the reservoir the other day. just needed some quiet time away from the city.

solipsist716 12-29-11 01:09 AM

Originally Posted by cc700 (Post 13649516)

cc, what kind of pedals are those? I've been considering trying out a pair of time atac's my buddy has lying around. Wanted to try out clipless for a while but funds had been lacking.

EpicSchwinn 12-29-11 01:37 AM

And dat bar tape? @charlie

Abe Froman 12-29-11 08:45 PM

This past weekend just off a local rail trail. The car is a 49 Studebaker I believe.

TitoJones 12-30-11 02:07 AM

Xmas day on the boardwalk at 20th street next to Newport Beach pier. Didn't get my bike in the pic as I was straddling it at the time.


cc700 12-30-11 02:11 AM


cinelli jelli. love it! datbiek's gone now. likely for sale here.

just m520 spd's.

i love clipless but only with brakes.

Dcv 12-30-11 05:34 PM

Sterling, VA - I passed a very fit blond woman on a carbon trek on way home today, she grabbed onto my wheel and sat there for last 6 miles or so. she stayed right with me until she got off the trail with a nice goodbye.

muckymucky 12-30-11 06:39 PM

everytime i read this thread's title....i see this...

jdgesus 12-30-11 08:02 PM

sun came out about 11a today, turned out to be a nice (but windy) day after all!

homebrewk 12-30-11 08:12 PM

Nice! But are you tape gappin?

jdgesus 12-30-11 08:33 PM

yeah LOL. crashed taped destroyd :(.. still got buy new tape.. but waiting on new stem b4 tape fest

Doohickie 12-31-11 12:16 AM

From today's "bike date" with the wife


INOX NYC 12-31-11 12:53 AM

1 Attachment(s) Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge on my way to work on the Raliegh Mojave.

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