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jshudson 04-17-12 12:20 PM

Wheelset/Hub advice for first build
I'm beginning to plan my first singlespeed/fixed gear build and I'd be thankful for any suggestions on wheelsets. I realize that most would recommend having the wheels professionally built. I'd be prepared to do this if I could get the parts for under $150...otherwise I'm in the market for a ready built set for around the same price. I'd then take these to my local shop to have them looked over, tensioned, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations for a set that would be reliable and strong (I'm about 220 lbs.)? If you recommend having them built, what are some good options for hubs (I'm interested in a flip-flop rear hub), spokes, and rims? Thanks in advance and happy riding.

Jared. 04-17-12 12:26 PM

Obligatory: Wabi wheel set.

I've had mine for about a month and a half, haven't put many miles them (a couple of hundred). Fixed/fixed, light, hold my weight just fine (200lbs), roll really nicely, and did not need to be trued or tensioned out of the box. $190.

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