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xdanisx 05-25-12 06:55 PM

What ISIS bottom bracket?
I'm about to purchase an FSA carbon crank, what ISIS Sealed Cartridge bottom bracket should I get? Needs to fit a Fuji 09 Track Pro.

Scrodzilla 05-25-12 06:58 PM

BB spindle length depends on the crankset, not the frame. You need a 108mm spindle if you want to have a good chainline.

xdanisx 05-25-12 07:01 PM

So would this be a descent bb?

Scrodzilla 05-25-12 07:03 PM


xdanisx 05-25-12 07:06 PM

Thanks dude.

Scrodzilla 05-25-12 07:18 PM

No prob! :thumb:

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