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anonym 08-22-12 06:31 PM

Big Block Fork Lugs
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So the right lug of my new Big Block fork isn't completely brazed all the way around. There are two spots where the fork arm does not attach to the lug. I haven't built it up yet, this is how it came. Is it safe to ride it this way?

seau grateau 08-22-12 06:36 PM

I'd return it and get a good one.

Reeses 08-22-12 06:51 PM

Return it for a good one like seau grateau said. The fork looks like it could just fail any time... I wouldn't risk riding on that.

anonym 08-22-12 06:57 PM

Thanks for the answers guys. I'll definitely try to get an exchange. If there is a manufacturer defect and I want an exchange, is shipping normally on me or on the dealer?

Spoonrobot 08-22-12 07:05 PM

I'd be pissed if they tried to make me pay return shipping. Everybody is trying to **** everybody else, don't take any **** from some dealer. Prepaid UPS label FTW!

Bat56 08-22-12 07:30 PM

I don't think it's dangerous. I think you'll never notice. However, it is bad news, it could very well be held together with paint.

Did you pay retail? Not from a discounter of some sort? I think they should pay the shipping. It's worse than a hidden defect - they should have inspected it before it shipped.

JohnDThompson 08-22-12 08:57 PM

That's basically a cosmetic problem, but it still shouldn't have made it past QC. I would have sent it back when I was inspecting for Trek.

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