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Dannihilator 12-01-12 08:29 PM

▂▃▅▆█☆★✡✯IF NEW HERE☆★✡✯, please check in here first! (Former sticky index)█▆▅▃▂
Cutting down on the sticky clutter in here.

Welcome new member or old! Before you start posting, I know you're dying to do so already, it is highly recommended that you please read through these great beginner/ starter threads for any help first before asking questions and expecting the trivial and basics to be spoon fed to you.
We can only help you if you help yourself first!

It's 2013: Time for a new Post Your SS or FG megathread!
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Before asking a question on bike fit, check this thread first.

Fixed gear techniques 101
How to Climb on a Fixed-Gear Bicycle

CbadRider 08-29-13 01:29 PM

Fixed gear/ single speed culture is highly competitive and brash in nature fitting the more common rough and tumble urban environment for this discipline of cycling, and can be a bit rough in their humor. Sarcasm and harsh words can and do occur, so you're going to need a bit of a thick skin in here. They aren't meant in malice (generally). It's just their aggressive, cutting humor, often with a razors edge. Just like riding with a new group of cyclists, it may be a good idea to sit in the back, to get a feel for the group, before you jump into the thick of things.

Now that you've been warned about the average SS/FG cyclist, enjoy the fun, grab the gems of information here, and always remember to keep a good hold on your sense of humor. They might yell at you from time to time, but they really do generally mean it to be constructive. If you see a bit of bantering back and forth between members, it's their way of hashing out differing opinions and is usually settled with a cyber handshake or sweet sweet bro-mance.

The above does not mean the guidelines aren't in force, because in point of fact, they are, and they are posted here (and at the top of your screen under FAQ).

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