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highonpez 05-04-13 01:06 PM

Originally Posted by SpeshulEd (Post 15586968)
When I momentarily pretended to DJ, some kids would download tracks from youtube and then try to play them at clubs, on giant speakers at high volume, those tracks would sound horrible.

This. You may not be able to tell on ****ty ipod earbuds, but sonically when you are converting to a low quality video file and then ripping that into a lossy audio file...just ew. It's not what you want.

On an unrelated note Frank Turner's new album slays.
Yeah, it's a breakup album.

johnnytheboy 05-06-13 02:18 PM

TMonk 05-07-13 12:24 PM

been listening to a lot of Minus the Bear at work today... all sorts of stuff

misskaz 05-09-13 11:38 AM

I'm starting to build my Summer 2k13 playlist.

First few tracks:

seau grateau 05-09-13 12:01 PM

I tried to get into that Javelin album, but I just couldn't do it.

misskaz 05-09-13 12:24 PM

Originally Posted by seau grateau (Post 15607315)
I tried to get into that Javelin album, but I just couldn't do it.

Oh man, I love it. Saw them a few weeks ago and bought the LP at the show (though I had been listening to it on spotify beforehand).

seau grateau 05-09-13 12:50 PM

misskaz 05-09-13 01:07 PM

Nice! Added to the Summer Jamz playlist.

SpeshulEd 05-09-13 01:15 PM

I've been enjoying the Garage Swim album the last couple of days...not a bad free compilation.

Mumonkan 05-19-13 08:02 AM

Rainy day vibes

thewilson 05-19-13 08:19 AM

Currently cant get enough of the flaming lips most recent album. This is my favorite track from it, couldn't an official video but this works:

Sixty Fiver 05-19-13 11:55 AM

It works...

seau grateau 05-19-13 01:09 PM


TMonk 05-19-13 01:40 PM

soundcloudin' and utubin' lots of trap music around here. some of it is kinda tight

thewilson 05-19-13 07:52 PM

Speaking of Music, I just finished this show poster for a pal, if you're in the area you should probably go see it.

TMonk 05-19-13 08:31 PM

thats a kewl flyer.

Dannihilator 05-19-13 08:34 PM

Values Here- Dag Nasty

highonpez 05-19-13 10:50 PM

.....What kind of string instrument is that? Otherwise it was wacky and energetic and great.

hockeyteeth 05-19-13 10:58 PM

^^^It's a shamisen

Really into this live version of a good Gauntlet Hair song:

intothev0id 05-19-13 11:11 PM

Sixty Fiver 05-20-13 01:27 AM

Originally Posted by highonpez (Post 15644143)
.....What kind of string instrument is that? Otherwise it was wacky and energetic and great.

No kidding.

As said, it is a Shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument that might be best described as a fretless banjo... this is the bonus level on guitar hero as these are really difficult to play (well).

These two Aussies (by way of Japan) are professional buskers and Noriko also teaches Shamisen... they appeared on Australia's got Talent and although they did not win they really got some well deserved exposure.

I like AuGT... they seem to really like roots and blues artists.

Owen Campbell... another Aussie who went to AuGT and really kicked some ass.

Sixty Fiver 05-20-13 02:21 AM

jhess74 05-20-13 05:08 PM

SpeshulEd 05-22-13 05:24 PM

Been digging the new Queens of the Stone Age album lately...

Also, a little Major Lazer:

Mumonkan 05-22-13 09:30 PM

****. this song is so good.

followed by

/edit: shamisen melts faces. as does koto & shakuhachi. hmm i think its time for some chamber music

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