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johnnytheboy 02-05-13 07:20 PM

Originally Posted by deadsouls. (Post 15231629)
A couple of bong rips and Om to start the day.

hell yeah dude.
i get to see sleep next month!

IFPCL 02-05-13 09:18 PM

Mumonkan 02-05-13 09:46 PM

decided to get real weird during homework

seau grateau 02-05-13 10:14 PM

Darkstar - News from Nowhere

Pretty good artsy chill semi-ambient sort of stuff.

cobrabyte 02-06-13 06:39 AM

Bob Marley's birthday today. Bless up!

highonpez 02-07-13 02:26 AM

Originally Posted by BigglyPuff (Post 15238055)
One of my favorite bands in high school. I don't remember a single bad song from Turn the Radio Off.

They do good covers too.

Snoop Dog Baby, Skatanic, Say Ten, etc. While good, I think that album is extremely front-heavy. However, I have seen them 8 or so times. So there's that. Ha.

In other news, this band is excellent.
Even if they have a stupid name.

bro 02-11-13 04:51 PM

sinikl 02-12-13 02:19 AM

J Dilla Changed My Life (t-shirt)

Ok maybe not actually changed my life, but Dilla breaks opened my whole mind to a better appreciation of beatmaking. Oddly enough i got turned on to Dilla by a friend who DJs Northern Soul, who got into Dilla because of the breaks he sampled (many of them being Northern staples). Then i read about how he made Donuts in the hospital, and this one just rips at my heart (knowing he knew he was probably going to die and had kids. I hope they can listen to this someday and feel good, not bad.)

johnnytheboy 02-12-13 06:22 PM

Jared. 02-12-13 06:57 PM

seau grateau 02-12-13 10:17 PM

My Bloody Valentine - mbv

Great followup to Loveless. Can't wait for the next Valentine album in 2038.

misskaz 02-13-13 11:34 AM

jerseyJim 02-13-13 02:01 PM

Buddy Guy

bro 02-13-13 05:19 PM

ahhh buddy guy rips

Originally Posted by johnnytheboy (Post 15241372)
hell yeah dude.
i get to see sleep next month!

damn, jealous

Muffin Man 02-13-13 05:47 PM

Higher Class 02-13-13 06:02 PM

Dannihilator 02-13-13 09:09 PM

Omerta- Lamb of God

TMonk 02-14-13 11:41 AM

Originally Posted by Muffin Man (Post 15270800)

good man.

johnnytheboy 02-14-13 11:58 AM

Originally Posted by Dannihilator (Post 15271576)
Omerta- Lamb of God


Cynikal 02-14-13 12:07 PM

Happy Valentines Day.

seau grateau 02-14-13 01:37 PM

Muffin Man 02-14-13 03:09 PM

Originally Posted by TMonk (Post 15273457)
good man.

They're all so good.

Im listening to this right now.

Mumonkan 02-16-13 09:02 AM

autumn leaves is one of my 3 favorite jazz songs

other two;

i can never pick which one i like more

RGNY 02-16-13 10:57 AM

Muffin Man 02-21-13 03:58 PM

Bruckner Symphony No. 8

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