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bedtime 09-05-19 09:37 AM

I find 50s music great for winding down after a tiring ride. Doris Day is my favorite.

Vera 02-07-20 04:16 PM

Riders on the storm

veganbikes 02-09-20 01:14 PM

I have been listening to a lot of R.E.M. lately. Not quite sure why but always good stuff. Also finally decided to listen to the Chats, it kept showing up in my Youtube (pub) feed but for whatever dumb reason I said, naw. How wrong I was to be on Smoko at the time.

veganbikes 02-23-20 09:07 AM

Y'all need to listen to more family friendly country music:

God Bless Wheeler Walker Jr., the finest country musician to ever grace this earth.

bigbowlcut 03-04-20 03:31 PM

soul trash toro y moi BOPs

Strictformflow 03-08-20 12:18 PM

On The Run - Electrosoul System

pretty drum and bass makes my pedals spin!

LNKFixed 03-09-20 10:16 AM

I've recently been introduced to Shakey Graves, Tyler Childers and Colter Wall. Far and away better than pop country.

50voltphantom 03-09-20 10:23 AM

Originally Posted by Strictformflow (Post 21357961)
On The Run - Electrosoul System

pretty drum and bass makes my pedals spin!

Holy crap, a midwesterner that's into d'n'b? Welcome!

Strictformflow 03-09-20 10:33 AM

Originally Posted by 50voltphantom (Post 21359074)
Holy crap, a midwesterner that's into d'n'b? Welcome!

Thank you, I already feel very at home on this forum. When reading through the backlog of music I see that the classics are well represented, I listen to the classical channel on the radio when I drive to keep the road rage in check(I drive a service van for work which gets shafted and cut off constantly by people in much more of a hurry than me). So when I actually get to pedal I've got so much lead in my pencil that I like some music that's moving as fast as I am.

LNKFixed 03-23-20 04:40 PM

Hello fellow Nebraskan fixed rider! There's 3 of us that I can account for now.

seau grateau 04-22-20 06:47 PM

Fiona Apple's new album. It's really weird and really good.

jack pot 04-23-20 02:20 PM

thx seau

jack pot 04-23-20 02:27 PM

Originally Posted by Mikefule (Post 21106201)
I liked that video. Blue grass is at one end of my taste in music, but not my main thing. This chap plays in a nice relaxed style and "just sings the bloody song" which a lot of performers could learn from.

I have some Necromantix somewhere in my CD collection, along with the Guana Batz and the Meteors from a psychobilly phase I went through. I've seen the Meteors and the Reverend Horton Heat live. However, as I've got older, I've got more into the "traditional" rockabilly from the Sun era: Carl Perkins, Charlie Feathers, Sony Fisher, Sonny Burgess etc.

The original rockabilly was simple and cheerful, and good dance music. It grew out of the music played by rural people in the south. Many of the early performers really were from sharecropping families. The later stuff from the "revival" is more urban with its roots in punk, and a conscious pastiche of aspects of the original: good but not as spontaneous. Or maybe I'm talking nonsense.

Be that as it may, you may wish to look up Wayne Hancock, known by some as the modern Hank Williams. He is very good indeed, and borrows from hillbilly, rockabilly, blues and jazz. Here's one of his more Hank-like tracks.

you should check out "on the edge" streaming on sat nites @ 9 PM cdst >Jack plays a lot of this stuff ... btw hank3 >>

Mikefule 04-24-20 12:08 AM

Originally Posted by jack pot (Post 21435162)
you should check out "on the edge" streaming on sat nites @ 9 PM cdst >Jack plays a lot of this stuff ... btw hank3 >> :giver:

Thanks. I may try that.

HW3 is a very versatile musician and worth listening to. I prefer him to Junior (his dad) but I love the simplicity and joyfulness of the original Hank — somehow joyful even when it's a sad song.

Two other favourites from "back then": Glen Glenn, and Bill Browning. They're not as well known as others from that era, but they each did a handful of truly great records.

Stronglight56 04-25-20 11:49 PM

The Stollng Rones
Today on my ride, I listened to Exile on Main Street, Some Girls and Aftermath by the stones.

There are some fab photos of Keef riding bicycles. Newbie - I canít post photos yet

Rage 04-26-20 06:37 PM

Spent the day listening to a lot of Ozzy Osborne, Led Zeppelin and A Tribe Called Quest. Some Miriam Makeba and a little Desmond Dekker.

veganbikes 04-26-20 09:24 PM

Originally Posted by jack pot (Post 21435162)
you should check out "on the edge" streaming on sat nites @ 9 PM cdst >Jack plays a lot of this stuff ... btw hank3 >> :giver:

Love me some Hank III and original Hank. Hank Jr. is garbage and it is sad he shares lineage with real Hank and Hank III I guess talent and brains skipped a generation.

Arson Anthem is excellent good solid hardcore. Assjack also good. I haven't really seen much from III that I dislike. Shame his father had to suck so bad.

TimbyMaTombo 05-05-20 08:37 AM

I haven't been able to listen to any tunes while riding ever since I got a new phone without a 3.5mm jack but I tend to lean pretty heavy into funk when cycling (well any time, really) but also plenty of electronic music.

Favorites for riding:
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
The Polish Ambassador
The Disco Biscuits

I try to keep it lighthearted but depending on the mood, good metal music (Between the Buried and Me, Eluveitie, Opeth, Iron Maiden) help me keep up an aggressive cadence.

phobus 05-05-20 07:55 PM

I've been enjoying the mixes Fatboy Slim has been putting up these last few weeks. Kind of all over the place, genre-wise.

GENESTARWIND 05-06-20 05:08 PM

at this moment. Pennywise - reason to believe

sotramk 07-01-20 11:02 PM


georgiaboy 07-02-20 09:28 PM

Listnin’ to the C C C Cure

veganbikes 07-03-20 09:10 PM

I am currently listening to The Weakerthans Fallow album. Perfect music to finish up work and do some bike forums posting.

Digger Goreman 07-04-20 03:48 PM

My yearly ritual:

Timbuk 3: Edge of Allegiance

Speedway2 07-05-20 07:33 AM

I'm not a fan of Rap music, the attitude of the artists and their culture (perceived in videos etc) but I recently started listening to Post Malone and discovered that I liked a few of his "older" songs without knowing he was the artist.
I guess you're never too old to try something different/new......

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