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bro 04-04-13 11:42 PM

cc700 04-05-13 12:12 AM

right now i'm between

and gojira's terra incognita album.

really really really ****ing amped on both right now.

bro 04-06-13 01:28 AM

SpeshulEd 04-06-13 09:06 AM

Trap + Birds

cobrabyte 04-10-13 09:49 PM

Dannihilator 04-10-13 10:34 PM

For Funerals to Come- Katatonia

Muffin Man 04-10-13 10:41 PM

Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 because our symphony orchestra is going to play it soon.

GMJ 04-10-13 10:45 PM

Local band playing some midwestern 90's emo revival. Solid stuff.

SpeshulEd 04-11-13 07:43 AM


Originally Posted by cobrabyte (Post 15496946)

I rocked out to Portishead all day yesterday as well.

TMonk 04-11-13 10:11 AM

this music video is ****ing awesome:

...but also very NSFW

seau grateau 04-11-13 02:05 PM

John Lee Hooker

FatherAlabaster 04-11-13 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by Dannihilator (Post 15497061)
For Funerals to Come- Katatonia

:thumb:Criminals - Katatonia.

You like any of their newer stuff?

Street rider 04-11-13 03:23 PM

Both songs came on with my ipod on shuffle today (modest mouse followed by Deertick). Was weird/funny. Plus the video still counts as ss, so its relevant.

sours 04-11-13 06:06 PM

Dannihilator 04-12-13 09:00 PM


Originally Posted by FatherAlabaster (Post 15499376)
:thumb:Criminals - Katatonia.

You like any of their newer stuff?

Yep, listening to The Parting from Katatonia's dead end kings.

seau grateau 04-12-13 09:15 PM

Mississippi John Hurt - Blessed Be the Name of the Lord

Dannihilator 04-12-13 09:50 PM

Rise Above the Sentiment- Soilwork

Angelis 04-12-13 11:12 PM

It's a drinkin' night.

BoSoxYacht 04-13-13 01:36 AM

Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde

FatherAlabaster 04-13-13 06:58 AM

Preston Reed - "Handwritten Notes"

If you like solo acoustic guitar stuff and you haven't heard Preston Reed, do yourself a favor and check this album out.

SpeshulEd 04-13-13 10:26 AM

Sigur Ros was outstanding last night! They played a ton of old stuff.

jdgesus 04-13-13 10:30 AM

johnnytheboy 04-13-13 07:47 PM

johnnytheboy 04-13-13 07:55 PM

Point4ska 04-14-13 05:05 PM

I'm loving the new Daft Punk


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