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CycleBike 06-30-13 05:14 PM

Vintage road bike to fixed gear conversion help
Hey I recently bought myself a 1984 road bike which could be easily converted I to a fixed gear but I know very little about bikes so its hard for me to decide if I should convert Into a fixie. Where I live there are a lot of steep hills but there are some smooth straight roads as well. I really need to know what gear ratio you can recommend to me. Also the bike has 10 gears and I was wondering if the hub could be converted into a fixed gear so I wont have to buy a whole new wheel. Sorry for not explaining it very clearly but I just need some basic and important information about fixed gear conversion.
Thanks in advance, Dennis

redbuda 06-30-13 05:21 PM

Read here for good info

CycleBike 07-01-13 04:52 AM

That is just just what I needed. Thanks so much

redbuda 07-01-13 10:39 AM

Also check YouTube videos

JohnDThompson 07-01-13 10:45 AM

And do please resist sawing anything off the frame...

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