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Dosu 11-18-13 01:26 PM

Dolan Precursa or Leader Kagero
What's a better quality frame I will mostly use for road and dome riding(3-4 times month)

rms13 11-18-13 02:47 PM

I own a Pre Cursa and quiet happy with it although I only ride street. I would assume the Leader is a better frame since it costs more then twice as much.

TejanoTrackie 11-18-13 04:04 PM

Apples and oranges.

Jandro 11-18-13 07:07 PM


Originally Posted by TejanoTrackie (Post 16257173)
Apples and oranges.


seau grateau 11-19-13 03:31 AM

More like peaches and plumquats.

europa 11-19-13 10:42 PM

Seeing the OP didn't spot that, is someone going to enlighten him?

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