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hollywood_bsas 11-19-13 07:51 PM

Bianchi Reparto Corse Pista?
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Hi i need help from bianchigirl or anyone else ... i found this Bianchi Reparto Corse Frame in Argentina ... but it is not a Road frame ... its seems to be a Pista Frame ... could you give some info about that. Where was made, by who, for who, the year ... anything that could help me
Many tks

prooftheory 11-19-13 08:26 PM


Kayce 11-19-13 09:06 PM

Can you get a better photo of the dropouts?

europa 11-19-13 10:54 PM

That's a generous weld on the cross brace for the rear forks isn't it? That surprises me if it's supposed to be a quality frame, but it's probable I have no idea.

Leukybear 11-19-13 10:57 PM

I've never seen or heard of this bianchi before.
Seems to be late 90's - pre 2005 possibly.

JeremyLC 11-19-13 11:00 PM

Photos with detail are here

Leukybear 11-19-13 11:04 PM

Thanks Jeremy. :)

It's a converted road frame....

Vertical drop outs torched off and track ends welded on, slopily.

Leukybear 11-19-13 11:07 PM

Case closed:
It started life as a Bianchi Mega Pro XL

Leukybear 11-19-13 11:09 PM

Here's another one:

Pretty much you can assume the geo was thrown out of the window with the frame having been butchered and evidence painted over. That brake bridge and the work on it as pictured above is not original at all.

JeremyLC 11-19-13 11:15 PM

You're welcome!

Unrelated, I hate faux-Arabic typefaces. If they wanted their name in Arabic it would be something like بليك

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