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sinikl 11-22-13 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by IAmSam (Post 16270352)
Why don't you guys speak up louder when the Kilo salesmen are working on the innocents?

I have zero problems buying a Kilo that is set up wrong, but not horrible quality parts, and a value at the price... then paying someone another 50 bucks to set it up and fix all those problems.

Here's the fixed/SS bikes I can buy in stock at my local LBSes:
-Felt Brougham
-Linus [whocares]
-Purefix, from a skate shop.
-the end.

Paying for setup is not a terrible thing to do. The shop I had set me up said they could not have possibly sold me a Kilo equivalent for the same money.

Pay to have yr bike set up, OP.

kk42 11-25-13 08:14 AM

Just an update but i have assembled the bike myself using youtube videos and google and everything seems to be fine. I went to my lbs to buy grease/lube and the presta adapter for my pump. The asssembly went very smooth but I'm sure i missed something and I'm sure i will eventually notice and learn from it. For the past few days I have been riding it I have done about 10miles a day all went smoothly. Thanks for all the response even if some f them were not very well lets just say helpful

Scrodzilla 11-25-13 09:55 AM

As mentioned in other parts of this thread, you really should have the stock wheels trued/tensioned and make sure your cog and lockring are properly tightened before riding your bike.

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