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sinikl 11-28-13 01:24 PM

So, i went and bought some rollers. First time(s) on the geared or the fixed?
Subject basically says it all. I've read multiple "how to learn rollers" primers and videos, but curious for those of you who have both which you'd rather put on the rollers for the first time.

Related, but similar: I know rollers are said to kill tires, and I overspend for white tires on my fixed because [hipster? too fat for that... I dunno, I like how they look] and so I have a set of wheels (stock kilo TT wheels, weinmann DP18s) where I cracked the rear hub lockring area. Considering setting those up as "trainer wheels" with a cog on the free side (I don't see me doing a lot of pedal resistance on rollers). is this a Bad Idea?

TejanoTrackie 11-28-13 01:43 PM

It's easier to ride fixed on rollers and will promote your spin. You shouldn't have any problem using a fixed cog w/o a lockring. Just tighten it as best you can before riding. Also, inflate your tires to their maximum rated pressure. Adjust the front roller, so your front wheel axle is just slightly ahead of the axle of the roller.

sinikl 11-28-13 01:52 PM

also, thanks tinyfixed for one of the few "fixed on rollers" things I found on google!

Spookypedal 11-28-13 03:18 PM

I use my fixed gear on rollers and road bike on the trainer. I always adjust my front roller so the axle bolt is directly above it or right behind it. Any farther forward and it gets squirly. I also like to put a fan on the ground infront to cool me off

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