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hardie 12-03-13 07:36 AM

Help with Crankset Choice
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Last year I purchased a 2012 NS Analog fixie and I am now thinking of upgrading the crankset. However I am not sure about the compatibility the frame has with other cranksets. Any chance you guys could point me in the right direction or recommend a few options?

So far this is the only information on the current set up I have:

Model: 2012 NS Analog
Bottom bracket: TH, square taper
Crank: Lasco, 165mm w/ 42T CNC chainring

Any help would be much appreciated.

prooftheory 12-03-13 07:53 AM

Pick out the crankset you want and that will determine what bottom bracket you need. The frame will be compatible with any 68mm bottom bracket. If you want us to give advice about actual cranksets you should add some more info like price range, color, etc.

hardie 12-03-13 08:22 AM

Cheers for the quick reply. I was really after anything decent under $400, but that's for bottom bracket, cranks and chainring. Black would be my preferred colour but I am not too picky about that. So just to confirm only I only need to worry about the 68mm measurement because I will be changing over bottom bracket as well? If you could recommend a crankset would be great.

prooftheory 12-03-13 09:04 AM

For that price you can get pretty much anything that people use on the street for cranksets. This used to be the favorite crankset around here. For $205, it includes the bottom bracket, so no thinking involved. There are two issues with it with it that have made it less popular. One is that it has a really thick chainring spider which means it can't fit on some frames and two is that the outboard GXP bottom bracket can sometimes be a little wonky and noisy. That said, you are unlikely to find a stiffer, more track-performant crankset at that price.

The next option up is going with Sugino 75s at which point you really are looking for bling rather than performance and you will have to select the chainring and bb separately. They are supposedly great cranks but I've never actually ridden them.

Other options abound but those are the two most common high-end possibilities.

hardie 12-03-13 09:07 AM

Great, I was actually looking at something similar to that. Thank you very much for your help.

gregjones 12-03-13 10:49 AM

You may or may not need a new bottom bracket. It depend on the crankset you choose, that determines the spindle length you need.

Example: If you choose to get a Sugino Messenger crankset it will need a 103 bottom bracket. Measure your spindle length and if it's 103 you're good to go. If not, it's only a $20-25 expense.

The bottom bracket you have, TH square taper, will serve you well. It's TH Industries. Their BBs are often rebranded, like FSA (I've heard). I have two of them and haven't had the first problem with either.

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