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sup0man 12-29-13 12:17 PM

Eyeball something for me please?
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I've got the itch. Based on a couple months of lurking the forums and the advice of members here, I picked up a '87 red/white Centurion Ironman that I absolutely love, the first bike I've owned and ridden since second grade. Thanks for a fun three months, bikeforums!

But I've got the itch, and the more I read about the fun and quasi-metaphysical connection with the road FG riders enjoy, the more I want to try it out for myself. Based on even more lurking, I gather there's a slight favor towards the Kilo TT's (haha the amount of stark "kilo tt" responses to "What should I buy..." threads in the subforum.....). Y'all talked me out of the garishly sick high-ten Retrospec bike I would've picked up, and I've found a used Kilo TT in my area I thought to go take a look at once I'm back home. Can you guys eyeball this for me before I go? The owner reports a "ding."

Any red flags? How big is too big? It's being offered for just under $200, which is a bit of a stretch for me but I wanted to see if I'm the kind of guy who can enjoy riding FG. Are there any tests you guys recommend I do once I can get my hands on this guy?

Thanks again, bikeforums!

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TejanoTrackie 12-29-13 12:27 PM

A ding ? :lol:

sup0man 12-29-13 12:35 PM

Haha that ding scare you off @TejanoTrackie?

JohnDThompson 12-29-13 01:00 PM

I'd judge that as considerably worse than a mere "ding." If it were my bike, I'd replace the top tube. Not sure that would be cost-effective for a Kilo TT, though.

thewilson 12-29-13 01:04 PM

Philasteve 12-29-13 01:20 PM

I could probably punch that top tube in half, don't buy that lol. I'm not sure how the stock is on Kilos on BD but I would wait to get a new one or save for a kilo tt pro.

Nagrom_ 12-29-13 01:26 PM

I love craigslist.

Crushed top tube? Merely cosmetic.

sup0man 12-29-13 01:37 PM

I have learned something today.

Thanks guys

europa 01-05-14 06:50 AM

Dunno what you're complaining about, it'll buff out :crash:

Cobs, if ever you get the chance to cut open a steel frame, do so. You'll be shocked at how thin steel tubes (even humble ones) are. Basically, if you can't fix it with a dab of nail varnish and a rub of car polish, you don't want to be riding it. The reality isn't really that bad, but it's a good starting baseline if you're buying the bike.

And remember this, it's worse for aluminium and carbon fibre frames.

The frame is the heart of the bike and if it goes wrong, your world goes pear shaped - the best you can hope for is a really hot nurse. Most of the time we worry too much but with the frame, it doesn't hurt (you) to be conservative.

Germany_chris 01-05-14 07:31 AM

Well it's not what I was hoping to eyeball....

Why in the world would you or anyone buy that?

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