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cobrabyte 05-16-14 08:41 AM

1986 Specialized Rockhopper I converted to a touring bike w/ drops, half-step gearing, slicks, etc. Love it.

hairnet 05-16-14 12:29 PM

7 speed cassette? I swapped out the freehub and cones to fit a 8/9/10 freehub on my XT hub

Still holding on to that Panasonic as a possible touring frame for the future.

cobrabyte 05-16-14 01:46 PM

The rear is spaced for a 5 spd so I'm using a new IRD 14-28 freewheel. Works out with a good gear range with the 50-46-28 front rings. I'd hang on to your Panasonic. 26" touring is the way to go IMO.

MaggieJayne 05-16-14 02:06 PM

Originally Posted by cobrabyte (Post 16763781)
1986 Specialized Rockhopper I converted to a touring bike w/ drops, half-step gearing, slicks, etc. Love it.

For some reason that stem is really working for me. How did you find it? It seems like the perfect fit!

cobrabyte 05-16-14 02:29 PM

They were kind of common on older 80's MTB's. Try searching for "dirt drop quill stem"

I think Nitto still makes a version too, but in silver

IAmSam 05-16-14 04:39 PM

1986? Here's my Stumpy from that same year...just took off the rack & slicks to put knobbies back on - taking it to the mtb park for some trail riding this weekend :thumb:

cobrabyte 05-16-14 04:45 PM

^ That color is rad. I took mine on some trails with the slicks and it was definitely a challenge but really fun. I'd love to find a 22" 80's Stumpy one day.

TheDavid 05-18-14 05:13 PM

bro 05-18-14 05:28 PM

looovin the raleigh, and the miele

Sixty Fiver 05-18-14 06:50 PM

Sixty Fiver 05-18-14 06:53 PM

Originally Posted by bro (Post 16770016)
looovin the raleigh, and the miele

My brother has some good aesthetic tastes... :)

cobrabyte 05-19-14 06:56 AM

this page is looking awesome

prooftheory 05-19-14 07:05 AM

Originally Posted by cobrabyte (Post 16771421)
this page is looking awesome

+1, including the rockhopper.

A3toxx 05-22-14 09:18 AM

1 Attachment(s) you can't tell it's a giant. Nothing exciting but it's good for the long haul.

evilcryalotmore 05-24-14 08:32 PM

Leukybear 05-24-14 08:54 PM

Hehe appearantly everybody cross chains on their first geared bike. :p

evilcryalotmore 05-24-14 09:10 PM

Originally Posted by Leukybear (Post 16789052)
Hehe appearantly everybody cross chains on their first geared bike. :p

its the distortion on the lens im not actually cross chaining, i actually cropped the image because the distortion was so bad that the rear wheel was a oval.

Phil_gretz 05-28-14 05:07 AM

1 Attachment(s)
My '77 Fuji S-10S, an everyman's bike from the year when I graduated high school. I rode to the pharmacy yesterday and had to stop to take a call, deciding to snap this picture because I liked the sun angle on my leaning bike.

The drivetrain is 2 x 6 (52/39 and 13-30T), original SunTour Vx and SL derailleurs, bar end shifters, and SunTour freewheel. It has the satisfying "clunk" of a SunTour upshift, and requiring slight overshift and correction for downshifts.

It has the original Fujita Belt saddle, too, which I find most comfortable. I run 27 x 1 1/8 Paselas. Anyway, it's my general purpose bike and I enjoy riding it.

Nagrom_ 05-28-14 08:43 AM

Howdy boys.

prooftheory 05-28-14 09:01 AM

I didn't know those existed. I'm so getting one.

rex615 05-28-14 09:14 AM

Nice Nano, Nag.

Sixty Fiver 05-28-14 09:39 AM

Originally Posted by Nagrom_ (Post 16798586)

It is so adorable... and orange !

Just swapped my triple for a double and have some 9 speed bits to install... :)

Nagrom_ 05-28-14 01:56 PM

Mines going ten speed and getting mango Chris king hubs.


johnnytheboy 05-28-14 02:09 PM

jared1988 05-29-14 06:55 AM

Originally Posted by Nagrom_ (Post 16798586)

So much want, does it fit? I wanted one but I need a 55cm TT

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